Fashion & Finance Friday!

BOOOOO – Friday has arrived!


Away she goes…again.  Jil Sander has left her namesake brand, for the third time.  Prada bought the company in 1999, and since then Jil has left her company 3 times, always for personal reasons, aka she doesn’t work well under others.  This is completely understandable, it was her company that she founded back in 1968, and it was her minimalist lines that created a following.  Sensitive artist types!


Choupette rules!  King Karl has just released a capsule collection of kitty cat inspired pieces including key chains, hats, purses and iEverything covers.


reversecommuter has happily found her iPhone case of choice.  MEOW!!!!!!

Veronica Beard – the stylish, talented, pretty sister-in-law design team that reinvented the blazer & dickie as their first act (WOWZER!!!!!) is a CFDA finalist, and in reversecommuter’s humble opinion, BEYOND deserving of a win.  Click here to read more Veronica Beard love…

Here are the nominees (click the pic to read more).


The line has evolved with each collection since their 2010 launch, now delivering sexy curve appealing pants and leather pieces that  are drool demanding!  November 11th will deliver the winner…fingers crossed for the dynamic duo of delicious designs!


It’s Halloween Weekend so dress up, pop the champs and scare someone…with your phenomenal fashion style!

xo reversecommuter

Beware the Blow Out!

Scary, spooky title – most deserving of the season.   It could have easily been “I don’t wanta be a Fanta girl!”…equally frightening!!!!!

reversecommuter loves the quick investment of $50 for a blowout for an instant pick me up.  So imagine the squeal of happiness when a new blowout bar opened out in the ‘burbs, complete with an iPad menu of styles to select from.



The first clue to run should have been when I was told that curls would be my choice, yet still I went forward with faith….



The beauty of a blowout is that a professionally trained hairdresser pampers you and you float out in a hazy happy tressed out trance.  The ideal outcome should NOT be hearing a high pitched Fantana Fanta Girl theme song all the while desperately searching for a spot to rinse & repeat to ditch the do!



Lesson learnt, no more horrific hair affairs – reversecommuter is once again pledging allegiance to her stylist.

Fashion & Finance Friday!

Happy Holidays!
Apologies for the late in the day posting, but reversecommuter is on vacation in the Great White North (Cananda) visiting friends & relatives.  Kinda cold and snowy here but SO FUN!!!!!!!!

Apple’s App Store reported an 87% increase from 2011 on Christmas Day app downloads – Santa’s sack must have been loaded down with iPads & iPhones!


Christmas came early to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation! Mark Zuckerberg donated $500 MILLION to the organization, which then directs the funds to preselected charities.


Champs (a subject near and dear to reverse commuter, click the blue to see previous posts proving this!) and particularly seasonal with New Year’s right around the corner is suffering a slump in sales, especially in France. The French champagne sales are down 4.7% this year, but worry not fabulous blog readers, prosecco sales are on the rise across the EU as the economic woes influence purchases. Meanwhile back in the USA champs sales are up – and please note that is not completely my work!


Happy New Year – hope your outfit to fete in 2013 is fashionable and outstanding!

xo reverse commuter

Fashion & Finance Friday!

Platforms, of the non-shoe variety, are all the buzz right now.  The etailer that delivers on as many platforms as possible, as user friendly as possible, will win the most customers.  A very good outcome if you are a retailer!

eBay is planning to take the lead and keep it.  It has just presented its newly launched redesigned website, one word – COOL!  eBay NOW is the newest addition, improving cellphone and tablet shopping and selling.  Feed is the second introduction – think Pinterest on eBay (uh-oh, there goes a lot of spare time!!!).  Did you know 70% of eBay transactions are of brand new merchandise?  Days of the online garage sale seem to be dwindling.  eBay has over 100 MILLION users and has over $2000.00 in sales PER SECOND!!

Neiman Marcus’ Christmas Book just launched, and as per usual does not disappoint!  For example, if you want to spend $3500 you can score a mystery box that holds all 53 items from a Neiman’s/Target collaboration collection.

There is a lovely $1.09 MILLION pair of his & her’s Van Cleef & Arpels watches.  Or perhaps a $354,000 McLaren Spider is on your wish list?

Or a $250,000 dinner in your home created by Daniel Boulud (reverse commuter cannot fully express the INCREDIBLE gastronomic talent of Chef Boulud – just go to Cafe Boulud the next time you are in NYC!!!).

And 40% of the items int he Christmas Book are under $250.  So theoretically there is  something for everyone!  Go to the online version and start checking that list! (click the blue to go to the Neiman’s Christmas Book).  Or call and request your own hard copy, it will be MUCH easier to rip out pages, hand on mirrors or put under pillows (you know reversecommuter isn’t the only SUBTLE one out there!)

Have a REALLY REALLY great weekend!

XO reversecommuter