Fashion & Finance Friday!

Greetings to the Friday!  All hail the Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!


Maybe it’s because school is out and children are on my mind but here are a couple of interesting items children focused:

Moncler Enfant is going to be a major push for Moncler – and really, is there anything more adorable than an itty bitty puffy jacket?!?!?


Vince has announced Vince Kids and the design house is going to try to translate the simple lines and minimalist vibe into pint size adorableness.

And now back to adult land!

Jason Wu’s fall ad campaign features Christy Turlington and it is GORGEOUSNESS reincarnate!  reversecommuter is slightly obsessed with the red dress, and needless to say still hearts The Wu big time (click here for more).


Neiman Marcus has filed for an IPO (as suspected here….)  should be interesting to see what they value the shares at…perhaps a little retail therapy over at Needless Mark-up is in order (to help the valuation process of course….)

Enjoy the weekend – pull the tags of the new stuff, don’t save it – wear it and celebrate with a glass of champs!!!!!!!!

xo reversecommuter



Instagram, Jason Wu and Attitude

I know I know, it’s is supposed to be Fashion & Finance Friday on

But stop the presses (or whatever the social media equivalent may be) because last night I met Jason Wu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


reversecommuter: “the daily focus of my blog is to get one woman out of yoga pants and into clothes like yours”

Jason Wu (!!!): “that is a really cool purpose for a fashion blog”

YES HE DID SAY THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DSC_0111 DSC_0115

Louis Boston (quite possibly the best store other than Bergdorf’s) hosted Jason Wu for a q&a @ The ICA (click here for ICA 411) and then a private champs mingle at Louis Boston, (click the blue for reversecommuter’s love for all things Louis)

DSC_0125 DSC_0126

SO many fabulous quotes…..

“Drawing is how I speak … I carry around a pile of moleskins with me.”

“A Jason Wu woman is a super glam glamazon & super feminine.”


“A Jason Wu woman is a little bitchy – doesn’t want to talk to anyone, even me” – Jason was telling a story of the first time he saw someone on the streets of NYC wearing his clothing.  He thought to himself, “that is look #9” and he stopped this cute Asian woman and said “you look so beautiful” and she was weirded out and said a snotty “thanks” and kept walking.


“I have always been a fashion nerd.”

“Social media is sort of fun, it allows people to see how the magic of fashion comes to fruition”  /  Instagram is a photographic journey and Block User is the best button.”


SO OBSESSED with this coat from Jason Wu’s Fall 2013 Collection…OBSESSED!

Jason Wu loves cooking and eating food, and would love to open a restaurant one day.  He said that “the waitresses would be total bi*ches and the food would be VERY delicious.”


Jason Wu Fall 2013 Collection is all about leather, purple, epaulets, green and winter whites.

“The fantasy aspect in fashion – you have to have it or else fashion is boring.”


Jason Wu is quite possibly the poster boy for posssessing modesty while on a meteoric rise!  Wonderful gentleman with modesty, crazy good sense of humor,a perfect amount of humbleness and an appropriate appreciation for self worth – brilliant blend!


The champs & mingle at Louis Boston was so intimate and lovely! Louis Boston and the visionary of all things fashion, Debi Greenberg, really and truly aligned the stars last night.

Jason was approachable and charming.  He was so inspirational in his talk and clearly loves life.  “Luck is nothing if you don’t go for it.”  Word Jason Wu, word.

Happy Weekend!

xo reversecommuter