Burn My Jeans!

Holy Cr*p that was a ‘challenging‘ winter!


Now that the great golden orb has resurfaced (aka the sun), it is all about prints, colors, and fun clothes.


Not jeans.  Done and Done with denim.


Pajama pants are a great option to mix it up.   Equipment has some gorgeous silk options, Kirna Zabete has fantasy worthy options from Prabal Gurung and Peter Pilotto – swooooooon!


Peter Pilotto pajama pant Kirna Zabete

Prabal Gurung pajama pant Kirna Zabete

Prabal Gurung pajama pant
Kirna Zabete

But guess what, go buy an amazing pair of actual pajamas, wear the pants with a t-shirt and a jean jacket – presto super cool outfit!  (ps men’s pajama sets are super cool for this)

Skin lingerie pajama pant "Oprah's Favorite"

Skin lingerie pajama pant
“Oprah’s Favorite”

Designer track pants are everywhere this Spring and a super fun way to introduce change into your wardrobe!  Jonathan Simkhai has a fab pair, perfectly matched with a biker jacket – yummmm!

Jonathan Simkhai  designer track pants

Jonathan Simkhai
designer track pants


Drastic Actions Part One

reversecommuter does not issue threats lightly…


but it was clearly stated (click the blue to see the post) that if the New England weather didn’t warm up, drastic actions would have to be taken…


Now I am wearing fur.


If you like fur (and not everyone does nor has to), but feel it makes too loud a statement, dress it down.


Jeans, sweater, flat boots, fur, done and warm.


FYI this is only Drastic Actions Part One…

Pink Dragon Ninja

Lurking somewhere in the burbs…. hiding amongst the bright pink bougainvillea… Wearing a tres cute soft pink quilted jacket….

lives reverse commuter, bringing fashion to the suburbanly challenged!

fyi pinks and quilted anything are right on trend for fall – click here to read Elle Magazine’s quilted recommendation such as Chloe’s quilted skirt     And click here to see how pink is right on trend for fall, which is great news for this fabulous pink shift dress by Hugo Boss
 Quilted jacket, Zara / Jeans, Rag & Bone / Shoes, Chanel / Sunglasses, Missoni

Fits like a Mother!



Spent a little too much time lately searching for that perfect black washed jean, when lo and behold, lookie lookie what reversecommuter stumbled upon

Can you hear the angels singing?


Nope, that’s just a squeal of happiness from out in the burbs, a squeak of joy about a PHENOM BRAND OF JEANS!!!!  Mother Denim (click the blue, such a cool website).



Do you want to know the best part about Mother Jeans?  (Other than saying fun things like “FITS LIKE A MOTHER”?)….

It’s one of those FAB designer brands that insists you drop down a size from your regular jean size.

And what, pray tell, is better than that?!


Special thank you to my cherubs for lending mama the cars 🙂

Fashion & Finance Friday!

Helllllllllo Sunny Gorgeous Weekend!

Very cool development on the internet – the first 1930 applications have been submitted to ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) for gTLDs (generic top level domains).  HUH?  In other words, uber cool fashion house Chanel has applied to have it’s new url end in .chanel as opposed to .com.  Other companies listed include L’Oreal, Coach, Nike, Gucci, Target, ZARA, Wal-Mart and Chloe.  Each application comes with a $185,000.00 fee, and so far ICANN has received $350 MILLIONl!

hmmmmm, reversecommuter.reversecommuter?  🙂

Seven For All Mankind is launching “Slim Illusion” denim mixed with soy protein which will deliver improved stretch and a better recovery process.  What this means is fewer women will be seen pulling up their belt hoops when they get out of the car!  The Slim Illusion Twill will be introduced in the Fall, will come in a rainbow of colors such as blackberry, ginger and lagoon,  and will sell for $168.00 US.  The process is from Japan, and the fabric supplier is top secret.

reversecommuter is off to NYC for the weekend and is SO EXCITED!!!!!!  (watch for more on that in later posts)

Have a fab weekend!

I’m breaking out…

With designer clothing joy and retail happiness!!!!!!

ACNE Design Studios has opened it’s very first US based boutique, in NYC!!!!!!  10 Greene Street to be exact – and I will be there next week!  SHRIEK!!!!!!!!!!

I have mentioned (a lot) how obsessed I am with ACNE designs.  Their oversized leather jacket is on my absolute WANTNEED list.  I adore their dresses, their t-shirts are beyond soft (and keep their shape after being washed – imagine that!) and I am SUPER DUPER excited to try and buy their jeans (I was a little apprehensive to buy jeans over the internet, as jeans can be SO particular).

I have purchased a few pieces from the mens line for my spoilt husband (he deserves it but don’t tell him), and ACNE delivers for the boys too – amazing jeans (husband’s usually need a little gently help with denim selections…), awesome structured sweaters and the t-shirts again, fab!

Acne Wishlist

Needless to say, I am booking my flight to NYC…more on that later!

Fashion and Finance Friday!

Oh Yeah, it’s Friday!!!!!

I cannot even BEGIN to wax on about Jeff Bezos, Amazon and the fashion world takeover….that will come in a separate, completely devoted posting, and it will be TRES GOOD!

All I will say about Jeff Bezos is that he wore Tom Ford to the Met Ball earlier this week, and was a fashion dude DO!

….and speaking of Tom Ford…..

Tom Ford takes four to five baths daily, says the baths are meditative and help him decompress after stressing about emails.  LOVE THAT!  He was very serious as a child, even carried around a briefcase at the age of 7 – ADORABLE!   He also freely admits to walking around his house naked – lucky neighbor!  He was the host of 92Y in NYC on Wednesday, and the event sold out four months ago on the pull of his gorgeousness alone!

Coty Inc. really wants to buy Avon, and back for a second shot at it Coty has called in the BIG DOG…Warren Buffett!  Coty has a new offer of $10.65 BILLION, and this despite Avon being decimated on the stock market (down another 3% yesterday to $20.89 per share).  DING DONG….TAKE THE OFFER!!!!!!

“‘Cause if you don’t look good, we don’t look good, we take pride in you”……Vidal Sasson passed away earlier this week.  An icon in the hair industry, he built his company on the merits of one amazing haircut – an asymmetrical bob.  Then of course came his hair care products and his designer jean line as well.  Truly an inspiring, business-brilliant, talented man.

Rips, Tears, Dots, Spots & Stripes!

I have a weird like/dislike with these jeans. I love the rips and tears, I just don’t know if it works on me. So periodically I take them out of my closet and wear them…then stuff them back in afterwards as I am still undecided! (Can you tell I am still learning & tweaking Instagram?  Sorry for the big black blotch in the first photo!)

The top is by Marni (LOVE all prints Marni) and I think it is a hot graphical mess (in an homage to The Sartorialist) how the dots and stripes play with the lining of the blazer.





Finance & Fashion Friday – on Saturday!

OOOOPS!  These long weekends can really confuse a girl!  I totally overlooked that yesterday was Friday, which is normally Finance & Fashion Fridays on reverse commuter.com.   So, let’s pretend it doesn’t matter just for today!

Glenn Murphy, CEO of Gap Inc. clocked in a modest $9.7 million compensation in 2011, a 63.3% jump from 2010 – that is what I call a STELLAR YEAR OF JEANS & T-SHIRT SALES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO J. Crew GO….the photography and bookings director of Harper’s Bazaar (love that mag) just jumped ship over to J. Crew as V.P. of Brand Design.  The building momentum of J. Crew makes me think this company is preparing to launch big things.  Bigger than their current coo of manufacturing their cashmere sweaters at the same plant as Loro Piana in Italy – which, by the by, is HUGE considering the cost of a J.Crew cashmere sweater is a fraction of a fraction of the cost of Loro cash-cash, (and let’s face it – it all comes from the same type of goat!!).



Tommy Hilfiger is inspiring!!!!!!  He started his business in High School, chipping in $150 with a friend of his to buy 20 pairs of bell-bottom jeans and selling them to schoolmates.  Last year Tommy Hilfiger Inc. had $5.6 BILLION in sales, world wide.  Obviously his line has expanded.  🙂

I love this quote of Tommy’s, in fact I have it on my desk –

“… fashion is fleeting and style is forever”


Fashion & Finance Fridays

Happy Friday!!!!

Fun Fact for today: H&M is the world’s largest manufacturer with organic cotton.

Perhaps H&M will use some of that organic cotton in their uber fancy high end line stores, the concept they announced yesterday. Apparently all is well in the retail world. Ka-Ching! $$


True Religion Jeans won an impressive $ 863.9 M (as in MILLION) case agains 106 cybersquatters in China aka counterfeiters who were ripping off the Buddha brand! Chalk one up for the good guys, and too bad for the fake makers!


In celebration I am wearing my True Religions today.

Happy Friday!!!!