Towel Me Off!

Beach Time is quickly approaching!


OBVIOUSLY that means Beach Towels must be purchased…

First up is the CUTEST frilliest funnest beach towel ever!



Missoni classic beach towel stripes are always in style.



Hermès offers the ULTIMATE luxe beach towel option.


 True Story: reversecommuter has a friend who has a vacation home in the South of France and loaded up her towel basket with these incredible towels…only to have an assortment of guests take them as souvenirs!!!


reversecommuter’s ride turns into a beach buggy in the summer…


so naturally this towel needed to be mine!

As always, click the pictures to start your retail therapy session.


Snowy Happy Valentine!

Rainbows are not black and white.

photo 3-1

Winter shouldn’t be either.  Color is an instant form of happiness.

photo 1

Companies even study color to see how it influences our shopping – click here for more on that cool fact!

photo 3

Winter 2014 is a wicked long cold one, no argument (as this posts yet another storm is spanking New England).

photo 1-1

Splash a little happiness into your outfit and feel a little happier instantly!

FX Photo Studio_image

Happy Valentine’s Day (tomorrow)!

xo reversecommuter

Powder Hues and Powder Play!

Trying to find a ray of sunshine after your football team loses the AFC?  No Superbowl this year Patriots 😦


Why not enjoy Martin Luther King Day playing outside?  (even if you aren’t in the US, it is a really good birthday to celebrate!)


Bright sunglasses make a big difference in any weather.  It is like adding some instant sunshine and happiness!  Spring 2014 forecast is trending powdery pastel hues, might as well start preparing!  🙂


Oliver People’s Sheldrake in mint is a great find!  Click here to go to Barney’s.


Ray Ban offers a spectacular lilac Wayfarer, click here to get a pair at Sunglass Hut.


Ope hat by The Third Piece (click here they are having a sale!!), Loewe sunglasses, Moncler jacket, Sorel boots.

Not So Underground Velvet

Tis the season to run around from 5:30am through till midnight – OY!


What to wear to take you from School Party to  Girls’ Luncheon, to Afterschool Celebration to Christmas Pageant to Drinks & Dinner with friends?   (besides coverup under the tired eyes?!)


In a word – VELVET.  It’s big this year, everyone from Banana Republic to Victoria Beckham Denim is offering it!  Click the blue to go shopping!  I have a friend that even bought two pairs (one dress pant and one jeans version…wonder if she kept them both?!).

V4Throw a scarf on & interchange flats, boots & heels to help carry the outfit through the busy day & night!



Velvet pants Prada, shearling Miu Miu.


No Edit!

reversecommuter was born without an edit button….


at least when it comes to packing (among other times…)


Heading off to a sunny beachy place with my yummy family for a vacation….but apparently packing for a month or two!   10 bikinis, 8 pairs of shorts, 14 dresses etc etc etc.  Oh well, a girl’s gotta have options!

What I am really craving is a new frilly girly sun dress but alas have not found exactly what I have in mind (don’t you hate that?!).  This is the closest to what I envision but isn’t quite it… (click here to go to net-a-porter to check it out)


Big Red Elf Stuff

Ski Jackets are key to winter happiness, even when not shushing down the slopes!


This time of year, hustling, bustling, ramping up on the BIG RED ELF responsibilities…


a stylish cute jacket will help you get through it all…or at the very least INSPIRE you to ask said BIG RED ELF for a fab jacket as a present! (Click the blue to see some FAB jackets on sale at net-a-porter right now!)


Moncler jacket, Mother Jeans (I am LOVING my Mother Skinnies), Lanvin flats, Loewe sunglasses.


I bought this necklace in Venice, Italy in 2008.
It reminded me of Gustav Klimt’s paintings.
I love wearing pieces that have meaning & memories. Usually those from a vacation as I love shopping when traveling.
To be honest I love shopping when not traveling too!


Velvet pants Prada, Coat Loro Piana, Shoes Lanvin, Bag Celine, T-shirt Club Monaco, Sunglasses Loewe.

Bright White

Winter whites is quite the trend for 2012-2013.

How fabulous is it to incorporate a bright element to our dreary winter wardrobes of black and grey, and extend the season of favorite white jeans?

And how ridunculously cute is the ChinqueCento? (Fiat 500 in Italian)   Perhaps a future reversecommutermobile?

Sunglasses Loewe, Jeans Rag & Bone, Blazer Prada, Long sleeve t-shirt T by Alexander Wang, Zara smoking slippers & YSL bag.

Market in the center of Firenze.

Window Shopper

Louis Vuitton has THE coolest windows right now – inspired by their current collaboration with Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.

So of course reversecommuter had to play in front of one of the windows (so mature!!).

Here is a little Instagram shot of my current l’amores, my Loewe pink glasses.

Until next time……

Jacket Chanel, jeans Levi’s Hand Crafted (oil coated), Sweater Ralph Lauren, Belt Hermes, Boots Proenza Schouler, Sunglasses Loewe, Bag YSL.

New England Blah-NOT!

SAD has nothing on these hot pink lovelies!

Loewe Magenta Linda Sunglasses.

As the gloomy days of late fall / early winter barge into our rose petaled world, invest in some brights and coo in pure fashion happiness!

hit the blue to go to LOEWE’s delightful fashion site in hot hot hot Madrid, Spain.