Fashion & Finance Friday!


Go Canada!!!!  Sak’s Inc. has been purchased by Hudson’s Bay Co.  As mentioned on reversecommuter (click here for the original post), Hudson’s Bay Co. went public in October 2012, and I really thought it was a good purchase – now that little Canadian stock will have both Lord & Taylor and Sak’s within it’s bundle!


Sak’s Inc. was purchased for a modest (!!) 2.4 BILLION, and according to my husband we definitely contributed to that price tag – funny, isn’t he?  🙂


H&M USA is now an online e-tailing machine (took you long enough!!!!).  Launched on Thursday August 1st the website offers online shopping but there are some restrictions – namely free delivery BUT shipping on returns is not.   Also, returning merchandise to the store is not allowed.  Click here to try it out!


Bryan Boy (I seriously heart this fabulous Canadian fashion machine – I like to think of us as kindred Cnd Fashionistas!) is one of the judges for the social media campaign created to celebrate the US launch of H&M’s e-commerce site, H&M’s 50 States of Fashion – click the blue to read all the details.  Click a pic of you in your fave H&M purchase, post it on Instagram with the hashtag #HMShopOnlineNY.  You could win $1000 shopping spree at H&M and a trip to NYC for Fashion Week!  WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!!

Enjoy the weekend – dress up in something ridiculously fab, squeeze the ones you love and raise a glass of champs to all that makes you happy!

xo reversecommuter

Fashion & Finance Friday!

Hello End of the Week!

Lord & Taylor logo

Is nothing sacred?  Lord & Taylor’s 5th Avenue flagship store is going to open for business on Thanksgiving!  Let’s hope the Macy’s parade doesn’t drop off it’s employees by float to work a shift or two to compete…

Macy's Parade Picture


reversecommuter used to live in Toronto, and Sundays were retail non grata days, it was a family day.  Then a couple of retailers fought hard enough and soon Sunday was just another day to hit the stores.  Let’s hope major holidays don’t become a thing of the past!

Coach logo

Coach & The Jones Group both released very positive numbers for Q3 – let’s hear it for the  non-luxury goods sector kicking it!

And now back to luxury…

Versace opened a cool new store, Versace Vibe this past week in SOHO – big BIG party! Dior opened up two STELLAR boutiques in as many weeks – one in Milan and one on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.  Louis Vuitton opened it’s first Brazilian boutique this week.  Alexander McQueen opened it’s first men’s only boutique in London, and there are creative plans to launch new retail for men and women and McQ!

Happy Happy Weekend!

xo reverse commuter

Fashion & Finance Friday!

Asia continues to deliver the numbers – the happy retail numbers of solid sales growth!

LVMH reported 14.8% sales increase in their 3rd quarter, and mentioned foreign mixed markets.  Bain Consulting Group recognizes that Asia’s luxury sector is increasing by 10%.  Expect to see continued growth in Asia, both in sales and in expansion of retailers.

Meanwhile on a more local note, Joe’s Jeans 3rd quarter numbers are up 25% to $30.3 MILLION.

Remember the Chanel Cruise Show (the shoes, the hair, the Versailles Palace, OH KARL!!!!), any who…a philanthropist from Beverly Hills, SUsan Casden, and SAKS 5th Avenue created an encore presentation on her tennis courts!  (phenomenal photo courtesy of NYMagazine).

Canadian retailer Hudson’s Bay (think awesome striped thick hunting blankets like the one in the picture that is actually the cover of an uber cool coffee table book!) is looking to go public.  Other than The Bay, Hudson’s Bay also owns Lord & Taylor & Home Outfitters, with a total of 207 retail locations.  This IPO is projected to raise $392 MILLION, although the ticker will be listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

reversecommuter went to a roadshow for a potential Hudson’s Bay IPO over 10 years ago (in another life) and it fizzled.  Looks like a new CEO with a taste for real estate investments, a strong real estate market and some solid natural resources can bring life back to anything.  This one is going to be interesting.


XO reversecommuter