Fashion & Finance Friday!

Ever notice how Friday fixes everything? ¬†ūüôā

Miami is getting a new beachfront condo development, imported from Italy.


Fendi has partnered up with Chateau Group and is going to build 58 condos starting at a simple figure of $5 MILLION and going up to an equally simple $22 MILLION, all outfitted with Italian marble – obviously.

PINK is a boy color.


More specifically, according to a British judge, PINK is a word that belongs to Thomas PINK (men’s shirt brand) and not to the perky butts of college girls (Victoria’s Secret PINK brand). ¬†Colin Birss, the presiding judge, decided in favor of Thomas Pink in a branding dispute, stating that the VS PINK brand is a little too similar to the established Thomas PINK brand, owned by LVMH. ¬†Wonder what wording will now be found on campus tushies?

reversecommuter had a week that reinforces what is important in life. ¬†Enjoy this weekend with the ones you love, wearing something special (don’t save it) and obviously with a flute of champs in hand to celebrate life!

xo reversecommuter

Fashion & Finance Friday!

Last week of January РDone & Done!  Greetings & Salutations FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here it comes….earnings season, and you know how much reversecommuter loves the numbers!

LVMH had a year of flat growth, with an profit increase of only 0.4%. ¬†Don’t be too blue for the house that Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Celine, Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan, etc etc. built, they still managed to rock 4.7 BILLION in profits! ¬†reversecommuter thinks that Bernard Arnault and Salma Hayek won’t need to adjust the budget too severely!!


But this splat flat is interesting in that it reflects China and European luxury markets slowing considerably.  Suddenly vintage is in (aka nobody is buying anything new!!).


Breach is Bad. First Target, then Neiman Marcus and now Yahoo! ¬†Yahoo announced Jan 30 that some of it’s email accounts had been hacked. ¬†Neiman Marcus is working with federal investigators to provide insight into the 1.1 MILLION credit cards that were hacked over an estimated 3 month time frame. ¬†Target had 40 million customers’ credit and debit card info stolen during the holiday shopping season.


You know those websites that offer a grading of your password? ¬†Maybe it’s time to start paying special attention to creativity!


Don’t forget to enter reversecommuter’s first ever give away contest! ¬†Deadline is fast approaching – January 31 midnight est. ¬†Click here to go to reversecommuter’s FaceBook page, simply like it et voila, you are entered!¬† ¬†GOOD LUCK!!!

enjoy the weekend and remember, it is absolutely acceptable to watch the Super Bowl in heels while sipping champs!!

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Fashion & Finance Friday!

That was a FAST one! Friday already!!!


Hermes is going to change it’s signature box from orange to red if LVMH doesn’t back off!! Specifically there has been some sneaky shares purchased – 22.6% to be exact – which has enabled LVMH to become a major shareholder. The AMF (the SEC in France) has slapped LVMH with a 10 MILLION EURO fine for being underhanded in it’s acquisition of Hermes’ shares. LVMH has stated that they do not know how the purchase of shares happened “You know, we found ourselves owning shares in this company…unexpectedly.”, said CEO Bernard Arnault. That is a strangely similar response my children give when trying to avoid ownership of a mistake “uh, I don’t know.”.

jason-wu09Lots and Lots and Lots of designers presented Resort Collections this past week – Balenciaga, Jason Wu, Ralph Lauren, Proenza Schouler etc. Surprisingly lots of black and white, the shorts continued to be a prevalent trend and leather is NOT GOING ANYWHERE (YAHOOOOOO!!!). The gorgeous green leather coat pictured about is Jason Wu’s (click here to read more about Wunderful Jason Wu).

Live a little larger this weekend – slap on some strappy shoes and dance for a minimum of 30 minutes (60 if champs is involved!!)

xo reversecommuter


Fashion & Finance Friday!

Asia continues to deliver the numbers – the happy retail numbers of solid sales growth!

LVMH reported 14.8% sales increase in their 3rd quarter, and mentioned foreign mixed markets. ¬†Bain Consulting Group recognizes that Asia’s luxury sector is increasing by 10%. ¬†Expect to see continued growth in Asia, both in sales and in expansion of retailers.

Meanwhile on a more local note,¬†Joe’s Jeans 3rd quarter numbers are up 25% to $30.3 MILLION.

Remember the Chanel Cruise Show (the shoes, the hair, the Versailles Palace, OH KARL!!!!), any who…a philanthropist from Beverly Hills, SUsan Casden, and SAKS 5th Avenue created an encore presentation on her tennis courts! ¬†(phenomenal photo courtesy of NYMagazine).

Canadian retailer Hudson’s Bay (think awesome striped thick hunting blankets like the one in the picture that is actually the cover of an uber cool coffee table book!) is looking to go public. ¬†Other than The Bay, Hudson’s Bay also owns Lord & Taylor & Home Outfitters, with a total of 207 retail locations. ¬†This IPO is projected to raise $392 MILLION, although the ticker will be listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

reversecommuter went to a roadshow for a potential Hudson’s Bay IPO over 10 years ago (in another life) and it fizzled. ¬†Looks like a new CEO with a taste for real estate investments,¬†a strong real estate market and some solid natural resources can bring life back to anything. ¬†This one is going to be interesting.


XO reversecommuter