Spring Cleaning Cash!

Happy First Day of Spring!  LOVE this photo of actual tulip fields in Holland.


Closet cleaning commence!!!


Donating to charities is always a great idea for unwanted clothing.  But what about the big ticket items that are unloved by you, but could totally rock someone else’s world?


Allow me to introduce you to Julie Wainwright and TheRealReal.


reversecommuter arranged for therealreal.com‘s “white glove service” – have atleast 10 pieces that meet the criteria of the realreal.com’s designer list, and a phenomenal fashion force comes right to your home to take your goodies, tag & review them, and then put them up on the website for sale.  reversecommuter’s pile included shoes from Gucci & Jimmy Choo, clothing from DVF, Balenciaga, Fendi, Marni, Burberry and a few others too.  Guess what – you can earn up to 70% of the selling price!


Clear out the clutter, be environmentally friendly, receive $.  It’s just like the shampoo bottle instructions…rinse & repeat!

And The Winner Is…

Thank you to all of you who participated in reversecommuter.com’s very first giveaway!

Over 146 likes added to reversecommuter’s FaceBook page – cool!  From such amazing faraway spots as Dubai, Italy, Greece, China & Hong Kong, South Africa, Spain, South Korea, Mexico, all over the USA and Canada!

Last night was a fun night in complete with hair up, glasses on, sitting in front of a fire in my fave Marni sweater, and reversecommuter building a spreadsheet, copying & pasting 146 names into little cells, printing, cutting and folding (must confess a glass of chardonnay was my assistant!), and a final draw occurred….

Congratulations Kendall Maggi, you are the winner and new owner of a pumpkin turban hat from The Third Piece!!!!   Ping me your 411 so I can send it to you!


Thank you for entering and following!  This was SO much fun…think I might do it again really soon!!!

xo reversecommuter

Stripes, Spares & Mrs.

Last night’s GNO took an odd turn into a bowling alley…


reversecommuter is not known for her bowling skills…


But a fun night was had nonetheless!


This striped Marni vest is actually an open backed summer piece (click the blue to see the warmer weather post) but with a white shirt it has been reinvented for the winter.

Marni vest, Mother Jeans, Car Shoe Boots, Dolce & Gabbana white shirt.

Thanks RH for the photos!

Unexpected Surprises…

Like a great day date on a perfectly sunny Indian summer day….

Like a cool top (Marni) that offers an unpredictable back…

Like an awesome purchase from a ridiculously phenomenal store!  LOUIS BOSTON is truly a destination for any fashion lover, male or female. This is especially true if you are a Marni fan, as Louis Boston has a monopoly on the line for Boston.  Click the blue to find out how to get there.

Marni is an Italian designer created in 1994, that prints most of it’s own materials, has worked in-house with Stella McCartney, Mario Testino etc, and is constantly redefining fashion and reinvents itself every season, without losing the Marni-esque qualities that separate it from the rest.

Click the blue for a live countdown of the Marni Spring 2013 runway show in Milan – then set a reminder in your own calendar to watch it live stream!  Fantastico!

Fancy Pants

Tuxedo pants color blocked – snnnnazzzy!
Preen skinny wool twill pants, $1075 – click the blue to go to net-a-porter to buy!  (pssst, there is a matching blazer…just saying’)

Such a simple way to completely fancify an outfit (and yes, I did in fact just make up the word “fancify“)…

Robert Rodriguez gorgeousness is now on sale at the outlet – click the blue and buy!  Really it is more like saving than spending.

Lot’s of price points for all those concerned….

J Crew (yup, of course they would be responsible for a pair of pants this fab & fun), the blue will take you directly to closet happiness…

And length options too, which is such a fun idea to introduce to fall as a means of extending summer!

Marni’s cropped color blocked striped gabardines are divine!  Hit the blue to buy.

Rips, Tears, Dots, Spots & Stripes!

I have a weird like/dislike with these jeans. I love the rips and tears, I just don’t know if it works on me. So periodically I take them out of my closet and wear them…then stuff them back in afterwards as I am still undecided! (Can you tell I am still learning & tweaking Instagram?  Sorry for the big black blotch in the first photo!)

The top is by Marni (LOVE all prints Marni) and I think it is a hot graphical mess (in an homage to The Sartorialist) how the dots and stripes play with the lining of the blazer.





Zen with my Nail Polish

I realize it’s a stretch but some mornings the outfit really is inspired by the nail color!

So today the color is a natural, hence the Marni top and Louboutin nude patent heels.
Truth be told, the nail color is beach but it’s a smidge too cold for bathing suit attire!