Puffy Fatique

Puffer jackets begin to tire me by February – get it, puffer jacket, tire me, Michelin Man reference?  HAHAHAHAHAHA!


Why not wear what makes you happy in the summer, in the winter?  Jeans, t-shirt = happiness.  Just add a couple of extra layers to deal with the cold.


Layer it on, BIG time!  Cotton long sleeve t-shirt, leather jacket, fur vest.


Boston is getting spanked silly with snow this winter, so a hat is necessary too…


and BIG SOREL BOOTS (which are a serious nightmare to drive in fyi)!


Now if you will excuse me, I have some serious snow playing to do!


MOTHER jeans, Rick Owens leather jacket, Beaver vest, Prada hat, Sorel Boots.

BRRR Baby!

Yes, I know, it is winter.

That doesn’t mean a daily, uneccessary resemblance to the Michelin Man need occur.


Put away the puffer jacket and layer up the cashcash (I had a fabulous friend from Paris who referred to cashmere as cashcash, and Chanel as ChaCha – both phrases are now mine too!)



Cold and snow doesn’t mean life stops. The errands need to still be run. The school bus still needs to be chased. The suburban existence goes on….

swtrback2 swtrfront

Dress warm and fabulous, throw snowballs as needed.

Levi’s coated jeans, Burberry wool sweater, J. Crew cashmere sweater, UGG boots, Chanel sunglasses.