Shan Meeting!

Ever met someone you worship?  Someone who has captured your attention for a really long time and has definitely achieved hero like rockstar status?

reversecommuter recently met the Founder and Ceo of Shan Swimwear.  Can you tell in the pic that I am completely geeking out?!

Chantal Levesque is literally my Mick Jagger.  Her swimwear and designs have mesmerized me for over a decade.  

I saved up to buy my first Shan bikini (red, kind of James Bond-ie) to take on my honeymoon.  My husband recently bought me a new red Shan bikini and told me it reminded him of the honeymoon one.  #whattheheckisbetterthanthat  #hunkahunkaburninglove

​Shan swimwear is that good.  The styles and designs are impactful and beautiful.  Chantal knows what women like to wear, and how it should fit.  “Quality and design are always the most important details of the line”, this is not only Chantelle’s mantra but it also delivered in every collection.  

Trust me, I have bought from almost every Shan collection over the past fifteen years! 

Chantal has built up the company from the early days when she herself pulled the pigments out of the prints to create the colors for the collection.  “Sometimes it took at least 5 attempts to pull the perfect hue.”  Now she has “a great team in place” and doesn’t need to work around the clock.  But she still overseas the pallet and colors pulled for each collection.

Shan Spring 2017 might just be her very best.  One collection, “Do You think I’m sexy” is sumptuous, luxurious and subtly infused with classical French couture allure.

Moves like Jagger!

Birkin’s Baby

Hermes named it’s iconic Birkin bag after her mom, Jane Birkin.


Judging by last night’s concert at ICA Boston, there could be a new “IT” bag named the Lou!


This posting is more suited to Fashion Soundtrack, a fab blog I follow and use to develop my playlists (click here – they have the best music!!!).  Lou Doillon is not just fashion blue blood but a musical star in the making.


Decked out in her uniform of studded booties, skinny jeans, pocketed black t and cheek bones that go on until tomorrow, she is the epitomy of rock star cool with a hint of Jagger.


reversecommuter wants to be a little bit her, she is just divine.

Fashion & Finance Friday!

Hot Diggity It’s Friday! Pop the champs!!!

Nordstrom has starting pinning its most popular items in its stores. Pinterest is beginning to take on many different lives – so fun!!
Interestingly I was just in Nordstrom’s and noticed the signage on certain items denoting the popular Pinterest inventory!


It’s good to date the man with the moves…like Jagger!
L’Wren Scott has been ‘hired’ to costume the Rolling Stones for their next tour. Extremely wise move Mick!


Enjoy the weekend & don’t forget to show some leg – it’s summer!!!
xo reversecommuter