The Ones that ALMOST Got Away

Salesperson at Barney’s almost didn’t sell me these…


despite my LOVE for all things YSL,  she thought they were too small for me.


Luckily reversecommuter can be VERY persuasive – especially when it comes to shoes and clothes that I really really really want – like these Rebecca Taylor pinstripe pants & MuuBaa leather t-shirt (click the blue to shop away!)


Don’t you just love a happy ending?!


Yippie Ay Ay Oh!

I went to a charity auction event last night, and the theme was the Wild West.  Super fantastic event! Dressing up, while at first might seem a little frightening, can actually be ridiculously fun!

MuuBaa leather t-shirt, Old Gringo Boots, Ralph Lauren doeskin pants.


And now back to reality!