O.W.O. (one weekend outfit) is all about summer black…


Sounds like an oxymoron but it isn’t.  Just keep the fabrics light, such as the silk in the Jonathan Simkhai slit godet top.  AMAZING staple in the wardrobe fyi.


This top has such great swing, kind of a great choice for date night!  But I think I will refrain from the goofy facial expressions…

IMG_2330So…my husband may or may not be over the paparazzi!


Notso Bad Burbs

It is no secret that reversecommuter moved to the burbs, well, a little under duress.
As my husband says (a little too often), I moved here kicking and screaming, and five years later I’m now just screaming (isn’t he funny?).


Unstructured, sunny summer days that define themselves make the move make sense.


Now if only I could walk to a Starbucks…


or get my daughter to stop playing paparazzi!