Ding Dong Bell Bottoms

Bell Bottom denim is THE investment for Fall 2015.

Add a little secret height with a great pair of boots or clogs if you think Bell Bottoms are only for the tall types.  Isabel Marant Etoile Crisi boots even hide the heel for you shy ones 🙂


Stella McCartney naturally has THE best bells around.  Must be the Beatle association that helped her create the most flattering 70’s cut available!


Level 99 has long been a brand reversecommuter has loved – I even tried to convince them to design a maternity jean for my boutique in another life!  Anywho…Level 99’s Evelyn Gaucho is beyond adorable and could be the funnest piece of fall denim available! Picture them with adidas Stan’s or strappy sandals or ankle boots and a simple t-shirt.


MOTHER Denim’s high waisted cruiser is in a wash MOTHER calls ‘bushwhacked’ and that is just what you will be if you don’t invest in a pair of these!

Wondering what to do with your distressed jeans…



McCartney as in.

photo courtesy of Stella McCartney.com

OHEMGEE Paul’s little girl is such a fabulous designer, it almost hurts!


Maybe I have sports clothing on the brain as I am training for the Boston Marathon

(HOLY CR*P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

but nonetheless the Stella McCartney / Adidas collaboration is genius!

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Click here to go to the Adidas website that showcases the Stella McCartney/Addidas line.

If I have to pound out 26.2 miles on April 15th, I might as well have a STELLA-R (punn intended) workout wardrobe to get me there!