Dog Days of Summer Top 5 Hair Styles!

ARGH!  Beach Head!


Time to embrace that salt lick as a Sunny Summer Season Trophy!


Grab a chopstick – adorned or free with the delivery food – twist your hair and stab that sucker right in!


Hair clip a la J Crew?  Don’t mind if I do!


Perfect twisted bun holder for a bike ride or anything else a fantastically fun summer day requires.


Nothing better than a ponytail whipping around in the wind of an open car window!


Hairbands.  Put on and go.  End of story.


seriously – end of story.


Inspiring NOT Stealing.

When I go get these done…


It’s Essie Tour de Finance.

Anywho, when I find myself stuck at the spa I notice that I actually take the time to see the details in a magazine.  Which leads me to adding to this little pile of ripped bits of inspiration.  Kinda like a hardcopy Pinterest board.


It isn’t stealing if it inspires me right?

ps I find that a decent fake cough almost completely covers up the ripping noise.  Just saying.

Fashion & Finance Friday!

Hot Diggity It’s Friday! Pop the champs!!!

Nordstrom has starting pinning its most popular items in its stores. Pinterest is beginning to take on many different lives – so fun!!
Interestingly I was just in Nordstrom’s and noticed the signage on certain items denoting the popular Pinterest inventory!


It’s good to date the man with the moves…like Jagger!
L’Wren Scott has been ‘hired’ to costume the Rolling Stones for their next tour. Extremely wise move Mick!


Enjoy the weekend & don’t forget to show some leg – it’s summer!!!
xo reversecommuter