Boston Marathon Here I Come…naked?

No, not really! I just don’t know what I am going to wear on April 15th for 26.2 miles.

boston2013 So on occasion between now and race day, I am going to work through some selections.
The BEST part is that I have to wear the outfits first to make sure it is comfortable…shopping time!!!!!!

The tricky bit about workout wear is the dreaded wedgina (click here to learn more).

First up, adidas by Stella McCartney. Simply crazy gorgeous! The materials, colors, textures, the little unexpected details, the design…uh, the fact that STELLA did it!!!!!!!!!!!!

stelb stelc

reversecommuter is the giddy happy owner of the light blue & tangerine spotted 3/4 length running tights (LOVE) and the white windbreaker (equally LOVE!).



My eye is on the metallic shorts next….

Boston Marathon 2013 What to Wear?! Stella!

Ponies to the Maxi!


Heat wave, birthday parties and a lunchtime rendez-vous!

The only option for an outfit during this kind of weather is a maxi dress.  Coolest, most comfortable option available, and you can completely change it up with accessories so that no one is the wiser to repeat appearances!

GIDDYUP!  oh yes I did!  I totally took a turn on the pony rides at a 3 year old’s birthday party!!!!  You only live once!

This maxi is from Calypso – love the brilliant colors and the pattern’s Aztec influence.

Secret rendez-vous with HH on the waterfront for lunch.  Phenom view, gorgeous breeze (much needed at the temp was a solid 100!!), and sometimes a day-date is just so perfect!

Yup, another day another Maxi dress!

This one is from Splendid, and ever since I bought it I have never been 100% sure, is it a skirt or a dress?  Doesn’t matter as I have worn it both ways!  (by the by, Splendid is having a fantastic summer sale right now – just click the blue word!!)

This is my cool girl with cool architecture in background pic… (I actually took this pic myself while HH went to get the car, using my iPhone with the reverse camera option – trying so hard not to laugh while I take it!)

I bought these Tom Ford sunglasses in Firenze this past November and am still v in love!

Here is a little medley of more maxis!

Maxis to the Max!

I’m breaking out…

With designer clothing joy and retail happiness!!!!!!

ACNE Design Studios has opened it’s very first US based boutique, in NYC!!!!!!  10 Greene Street to be exact – and I will be there next week!  SHRIEK!!!!!!!!!!

I have mentioned (a lot) how obsessed I am with ACNE designs.  Their oversized leather jacket is on my absolute WANTNEED list.  I adore their dresses, their t-shirts are beyond soft (and keep their shape after being washed – imagine that!) and I am SUPER DUPER excited to try and buy their jeans (I was a little apprehensive to buy jeans over the internet, as jeans can be SO particular).

I have purchased a few pieces from the mens line for my spoilt husband (he deserves it but don’t tell him), and ACNE delivers for the boys too – amazing jeans (husband’s usually need a little gently help with denim selections…), awesome structured sweaters and the t-shirts again, fab!

Acne Wishlist

Needless to say, I am booking my flight to NYC…more on that later!

Jumping Jack Flash!

Jumpsuits are hitting the runways hard!  I am psyched – I love me a good jumpsuit!

I bought this one at Bloomingdale’s in Soho, it is just their line “Aqua” – translation, v teeny weeny price tag!  Only draw back is that you feel so comfy you think you are in jammies all day!

Here are a couple of my current faves:

Cannot wait to see what the designers have planned for the fall!

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Wedgina Brights Beware!

The trend is bright jeans, tight bright jeans. Full Length or capris, the emphasis is on tight.

That is why I felt it necessary to share the word of the day, “Wedgina”.  Synonymous with Camel Toe, if you know what I mean.

Wearing the fun, cute, bright, tight jeans demands an extra minute be taken before leaving for the day, to check for the dreaded “Wedgina”.

Wedgina Brights Beware!

All in the Name of Charity…

I am going to a charity event tonight at ScoopNYC, and I have a little wish list of items that I want to get, all in the name of helping others (and what better excuse is there than that?!!)

Scoop NYC Wishlist for ReverseCommuter