Fashion & Finance Friday!

That was a FAST week!  LOVE THAT!

French retailers are feeling le pinch.  Sales are down in 2012 by 3.7%.  Mon Dieu!  If the fantastically fashionable French aren’t shopping, something needs to be done…Vite Vite Immediatement!

hmmmm, perhaps a little cash infusion will occur September 25 thru October 3rd for Paris Fashion Week?

LFW (London Fashion Week) is done, onto Milano!  Burberry was London’s highlight with metallic pink and purple trenches, oh so pretty!

Prada’s show yesterday in Milano was all about flowers, and as per norm Muccia rocked it!

Do you know that most of the fashion shows are available online, and were streamed live over the internet during the shows?  LOVE THAT!!!!!!!!!

XO reversecommuter