Outfit Mullet

Nope, I didn’t get another hair cut!

Nor am I in disguise today…

Perhaps that is a rather extreme title, but my outfit today is a little bit like a mullet – business in the front party in the back.   Only for the outfit it is business blazer on top and party shorts and strappy Manolo‘s down below.  Sometimes mixing it up is a fun way to cycle through the wardrobe.

And away I go!!!   (ever notice how this time of year is Beyond Bananas Busy?!)

Rips, Tears, Dots, Spots & Stripes!

I have a weird like/dislike with these jeans. I love the rips and tears, I just don’t know if it works on me. So periodically I take them out of my closet and wear them…then stuff them back in afterwards as I am still undecided! (Can you tell I am still learning & tweaking Instagram?  Sorry for the big black blotch in the first photo!)

The top is by Marni (LOVE all prints Marni) and I think it is a hot graphical mess (in an homage to The Sartorialist) how the dots and stripes play with the lining of the blazer.