Sarong SO Right!

The next time you find yourself longingly stroking a scarf or sarong

thinking that yet another purchase would be “so wrong” (tee hee)

think lovingly of THE easiest, chicest beach outfit option, and swipe that credit card like a boss! 

T-shirt, espadrilles or flip flops and GO Beach Baby GO!


Mom Speak Fashion Translation

Versace’s Fall Couture 2015 was etheral.  The best dressed rockstar fairies ever!


Chanel’s Fall 2015 Couture was terrifically tweedy and fantastically luxe.


But what exactly are moms’ supposed to wear to go pick raspberries?


We deal with runny noses, messy love filled hugs and toppled ice cream cone sticky kisses.  Donatella and Karl don’t really design for these.


reversecommuter adores high end fashion, and loves translating it into everyday speak.  Fashion is fun, not intimidating.  Fall Couture’s message thus far is a softer color palate and a more classic take on clothes.  But it is summer now, so brighten up your outfits with some color and a smile!  Slap on a pair of silk shorts and a tank top, grab a cute pair of sandals and a floppy hat and work that runway of life like nobody’s business!

End of Summer Rules

Just because it is August doesn’t mean you cannot burn!

Here is my current fave face protection.


SkinHealth was created by Cheryl Clarkson, after she lost her sister to skin cancer.  I have had the pleasure to meet Cheryl on numerous occasions and she is not only a leading entrepreneur,who is adored by her only by clientele, clearly gorgeous but even more impressive, she has been invited to the White House on numerous occasions for recognition in the industry!  Click here to learn more about this amazing woman and her skin care line.  

Hats are just as important now as they were in the early summer months – maybe even more so.  This is my current obsession from Roberta Roller Rabbit.  After a kazillion straw hats that never quite look the same after being in a suitcase, this glam cloth hat is a total find. Not to mention it has a certain Mad Men-esque look to it! Click here to shop till you giggle!


You know your going to be scanned by all the mommies at the bus stop in September, so keep in mind sun kissed is an admirable look, leather skin is not!   So in August it is all about avoiding the re-creation of Magda from Something About Mary and enjoying a few more days at the beach with the kiddos!


Roger Doger Roller Rabbit!

Roberta Roller Rabbit is one groovy fab alliteration of fashion!  (TripleR from now on in this post!)


Batik inspired prints, bright brilliant colors and gorgeous pieces – yummaroooooo!


Tunics, dresses, bags, perfect beach hats, bikinis & coverups, scarves, pj’s, children’s tunics, bedding, etc.


Monkeys, whales, fish, exotic prints and an electric rainbow of choices!


Founder Roberta Freymann – who had the most impressive fashion career prior to establishing this legendary name – first fell in love with Morocco as a child on a family trip, and that is where the shopping began!  (tell me this isn’t my kind of fashion fairy tale?!)


The one and only Roberta Freymann & Roberta Roller Rabbit shops (there are within a block of each other) but happily the website is hellagood and allows one to satisy any TripleR Urge!  Click here to shop your little heart away!


There was a fabulous little shop in Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard, called KatyDid that carried an impressive array of Roberta Roller Rabbit & Roberta Freymann products.  Click here to like their FB page.  reversecommuter is now the proud owner of her own impressive array of TripleR products thanks to said fab little shop!   🙂