Sunny Sundresses

James Perse is one smart dude.


He designs a simple sundress like no other.  Click here to see the full James Perse dress collection.


Ruching goes where a girl appreciates it – big dinner breathing room when you need it!  Click here to read more oohs and aaaahs for JP’s dresses.


Costume National shoes, Missoni sunglasses.

Why So Complicated?

Clothes should not frustrate you – plain and simple.


reversecommuter loved this dress (click here to read about it), but when I went to try it on I literally got tangled in the change room!   There was an extra layer inserted at the waist to reduce how see through it was, but it was SO encasing and confusing!


Luckily I was in James Perse (click the blue to ooooh and awwww on the website) and it is not difficult to find something to love in that shop!


Went with the ruched blue grey tank dress instead – no tangles,no confusion, and the ruching is BEYOND forgiving (you can adjust the ruching to wherever you might need more!)  Click the pic to go buy one…


James Perse tank dress, Prada Sport cork wedges, Chanel sunglasses.