Bikini Squeeze

No, this is not a posting on a fashion blog with pictures of a woman who has had 3 children.  #PHEW

It is a posting on a fashion blog about how summer doesn’t end until September 21, and the weather is all about bathing suits and not so much about suede and wool.  So why not do a little bikini shopping to help soothe the sadness you are feeling over the kiddos going back to school today?  tee hee

reversecommuter was recently in Italy and THE trend is all about the ruffle bikini with a flossy bottom!

Bikini Lovers from Italy (seriously, could there be a better name?) is a GORGEOUS line of brilliant prints and bright fun happy colors sprinkled throughout a phenomenal bikini line of ruffles and butt floss (start doing those squats while reading this!).

There is even an accompanying diaper cover baby bottom line – adorable!!!!

Almamia from Columbia is a line that every woman should buy from.

Not only are the bikinis BEYOND BEAUTIFUL but they are hand made by an army of 80 single mothers, how ridiculously amazing is that?!

Oh, and this is what they create.  #WOAH

Get that new suit, lather up the SPF and go outside and play!

Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me, I won’t tell the children this is what we mamas really do when they are at school!

Girl Crush with a side of Ruffles!

Rosie Assoulin is my designer girl crush.


reversecommuter has coveted from afar her designs, her creativity and her crazy cool ruffles since she launched her line in 2014.


The 2015 CFDA WINNER earned her fashion wings under such designer legends as Oscar de la Renta and Lanvin’s Alber Elbaz.


Are you beginning to appreciate the master level of the ruffled wonder?


Brilliant colors, cuts that flow and billow, pants that beg for a surfboard while simultaneously sashaying down a runway.  The elements Rosie incorporates into her clothing illustrates her ease in identifying the women who she designs for – moms, wives, professionals, busy whatevers with complicated lives who LOVE fashion.


Rosie’s bff is none other than Leandra Medine, übererest of all über fashion bloggers.  Leandra wears Rosie beautifully, by incorporating the high end line into low priced pieces from her closet.


reversecommuter is willing to share a teeny tiny fraction of Rosie’s wonderfulness with you.  Invest in a piece or two or twelve and be confident knowing your Rosie will look fantabulous now, next year and the years after that!


I don’t have a CLU…yet.

In love.   With a label that just ooooozes ruffle butt cute.  CLU.


2071__88878.1374083145.235.350 2019_h_grey__73919.1373994237.235.350

Click the blue to visit their site and get a CLU.  Or visit Sak’s, Nordstrom’s, Intermix etc as this fab line is at all your fave shops!


Personally I am grabbing the ballerina pink from net-a-porter.  LOVE!

Anchor’s Away!

A good shirt is truly a wardrobe’s anchor.  It works stand alone, under a blazer, piled under gobs of chains or with a fab scarf twisted about it.  It can be worn throughout the year, under sweaters, on top of cut-offs, dressing up the holiest of ripped jeans, even covering up a bikini!  How versatile is that?  Sounds like a stellar purchase to me!

Lanvin’s white silk blouse is too much for words!  Just click here and buy it – it is worth skipping those lattes at the corner shop for a week or so….

Or if that latte is just too darn important (and perhaps a big price tag is not what works for you right now) how about a little cutie pattootie from J. Crew?  Just click here and charge it!

Acne of course knocks it out of the park with this luscious purple sheer crepe number that will most probably end up in reversecommuter’s closet – yummy!  Click here to buy it (just leave me one please!).

Anna Sui’s sweet ruffles in that amazing raspberry is too much!  And by that I mean YES PLEASE!!!!  Click here to make a smart purchase!

All these phenomenal shirts and images are courtesy of Net-A-Porter.  If you haven’t ordered something off the site yet, do it!  You deserve not only the gorgeous piece that arrives but also the sheer excitement of untying the black ribbon and lifting off the rich box lid…it is like a private birthday party every time!  PURRRRRRRRRR.