Dog Days of Summer Top 5 Hair Styles!

ARGH!  Beach Head!


Time to embrace that salt lick as a Sunny Summer Season Trophy!


Grab a chopstick – adorned or free with the delivery food – twist your hair and stab that sucker right in!


Hair clip a la J Crew?  Don’t mind if I do!


Perfect twisted bun holder for a bike ride or anything else a fantastically fun summer day requires.


Nothing better than a ponytail whipping around in the wind of an open car window!


Hairbands.  Put on and go.  End of story.


seriously – end of story.


Sales Put the GLAD in Gladiator!

Gisele rocks them. stuart_weitzman_spring_campaign_a_l

They are on sale (finally). SALE_PLP_BANNER_6.29_50

Secretly I have been coveting these Stuart Weitzman gladiator sandals for a couple of months.  Despite the fact that I live in Boston, a city where summer, aka sandal season, is only a few weeks long.


Nothing like a happy ending!  #gottalovesaleseason IMG_9195

ps they are SUPER comfy!!!!

Memorial Day Denim

The first official looooooong weekend of summer is almost here!


Distressed boyfriend denim – check!  Really loving MOTHER denim’s The Loosey Party Crashers.


As if magically tuned in to our needs, MOTHER denim just announced their very first sale!  Click here!!!!!!!!!  Now all reversecommuter needs is for MOTHER denim’s Overall Dropout to go on sale #soobsessedEIEIO!


Relaxed sneaker style – check!


Shan bikini at the ready – check!  If the sun actually comes out #evertheoptimist


A Great White (T-Shirt)

Holy Moly I do love a good t-shirt, almost as much as I love gardenias.


But not when they dissolve into a pile of holes – the t-shirts, not the gardenias.


And I don’t want to break the bank – especially as white tees need to be a new annual purchase, so as to avoid the dreaded yellow pits.


I am loving J Crew linen t-shirts again – click here to read about the love.  The short sleeve crew neck t-shirts come in a rainbow of colors and are on sale CLICK HERE!!!!! 


Cotton Conundrum

I want a new pair of jeans…actually I really want these

Alas, I am on the waiting list in NYC but have a craving for immediate gratification so I went to Bloomingdales and these were my choices:

The breakdown:
True Religion Blue & White “Stella” tie dye @ $216.00 Legs were cut too skinny
AG Luscious Sateen in Coral tie dye @ $178.00 THE GLASS SLIPPER OF THE DAY!!!
J Brand Cropped White @ $ 180.00 Best to wait for a complimenting tan
J Brand Twill Skinny in Twisted Plum @ $ 198.00 Too Stretchy
Rag & Bone Skinny in Bright Orange @ $ 176.00 Divine but not as soft as the AG’s

The good news is that Bloomingdale’s is currently in pre-sale mode for their Friends and Family Sale, saving you 20%…and as far as I am concerned saving money means there is no bad news! YAY!
Here is the link to Bloomies with the jeans I tried on:!fn=BRAND%3Drag%2520%2526%2520bone/JEAN%3B%3BAG%2520Adriano%2520Goldschmied%3B%3BJ%2520Brand%3B%3BTrue%2520Religion%26sortBy%3DORIGINAL%26productsPerPage%3D96&!qvp=iqvp