Mom Speak Fashion Translation

Versace’s Fall Couture 2015 was etheral.  The best dressed rockstar fairies ever!


Chanel’s Fall 2015 Couture was terrifically tweedy and fantastically luxe.


But what exactly are moms’ supposed to wear to go pick raspberries?


We deal with runny noses, messy love filled hugs and toppled ice cream cone sticky kisses.  Donatella and Karl don’t really design for these.


reversecommuter adores high end fashion, and loves translating it into everyday speak.  Fashion is fun, not intimidating.  Fall Couture’s message thus far is a softer color palate and a more classic take on clothes.  But it is summer now, so brighten up your outfits with some color and a smile!  Slap on a pair of silk shorts and a tank top, grab a cute pair of sandals and a floppy hat and work that runway of life like nobody’s business!

O.W.O. Extending Summer

That “fall” feeling is in the morning air.

photo 3-1

No need to run inside and plug in that sun lamp.

photo 5-1

Just adjust the wardrobe to reflect the temperature.  Long sleeves with shorts, still warm enough for sandals.  Hold on tight to the last remnants of summer 2014!

Patent leather is huge for Fall 2014, so start incorporating it into your outfits now.

photo 1-2

James Perse has a new line of cashmere and cotton.  CashCash t-shirts?   HEAVEN!

photo 2-2

Click here for the entire James Perse cashmere cotton collection – it is ridiculous how luxurious this feels!



YAWN!!!!!!!!   I am from Toronto, living in Boston – translation, I was up quite late watching playoff hockey (the only type of hockey I watch, truth be told!)


Not sure if the cool morning is a result of my sleepiness or the chilly May weather.


reversecommuter refuses to wait for the warm weather – shorts and sweaters solve the immediate problem.  Bring on summer!


Layers are truly the only route to happiness so sneak a cute tee under the sweater just in case it warms up!


Sam Edelman sandals, Chaiken shorts, Alexander Wang sweater.

Ark Building in Heels

Rainy days make me nutso!
Yet another one has arrived.

Obviously there should be a trench, Hunter boots, rain hat or umbrella in my picture.
But I’m not much of a conformist so it’s white jeans, open toe wedges, batten down the hatches and let the ark building begin!




Guess it is a good thing my sweater is a boat neck! LOL!!!!