Kinda digging the O.W.O. posting every Monday (click here for the definition!)


Busy first weekend of Spring.


Funny how fast those two days fly by!


Saturday morning was my last long training run before the Boston Marathon (just one little tiny month away!!!!).  It is an amazing experience training on the Marathon route with hundreds of other runners, you see some incredibly inspiring individuals, are greeted with a ton of happy smiles (despite the miles), and on occasion even get a high five!    Boston Strong INDEED!


Still chilly in Boston so reversecommuter’s shearling is still getting used.  Rumor has it there is yet ANOTHER snowstorm coming on Wednesday – so not in Vogue!


Smooth as Velvet

Not exactly sure of the last time I wore velvet, but I was definitely still describing my age in “and a half” terms.


Quite happy that it is back in my wardrobe – pants, smoking slippers (click the blue to visit an earlier post).  Perfect festive material for the holidays!


I call this the money shot (tee hee!!)

Prada velvet pants & wool sweater, Barbara Bui jacket, Balenciaga boots.