Sarong SO Right!

The next time you find yourself longingly stroking a scarf or sarong

thinking that yet another purchase would be “so wrong” (tee hee)

think lovingly of THE easiest, chicest beach outfit option, and swipe that credit card like a boss! 

T-shirt, espadrilles or flip flops and GO Beach Baby GO!


Beach Babies & their gear!

Long gone are the carefree days of carrying a cute little carry-all to the beach, like the one from Pucci in the second pic, rather it is now a workout similar to bootcamp to get everyone and everything to the beach.


The good news is that beach days are WAY more fun with little people giggling, splashing and playing, while the adults attempt to remain somewhat fashion conscious in their swimwear, sunglasses and the tunes blaring from their iPhone/Jawbone combo.


Never Underestimate…

the power of a great sarong!

Obviously and always, a beach cover up, but a great sarong offers a versatile option in a pinch for a skirt, a towel (dries SO much faster than an actual terry cloth towel so as to forever avoid soggy bum), scarf for your hair, shade item draped over a palm tree (sigh), the wrappiest of all wrap dresses, and if unfortunate enough to have gotten a little sunburnt, a sarong can be a very understanding garment.  One last attribute not to be left out…a great sarong allows for strategic positioning along the waistline after  a few children.