Summer dresses are a strange length this year. Resembling more of a short coverup or a long t-shirt.  

At first I thought it was just me, but it is an actual thing.  Goop’s  got about half a dozen for sale in their summer shop.  

J Crew’s offering a bunch of short dresses too.  See, it’s a veritable “thing”.

Super short is not a great look for little girls and it most certainly isn’t ideal for their mamas.  

Consider how many times you bend down in a typical day!

Simple solution, a great pair of shorts.  They don’t even have to be seen.  Keep them guessing!

Mom Speak Fashion Translation

Versace’s Fall Couture 2015 was etheral.  The best dressed rockstar fairies ever!


Chanel’s Fall 2015 Couture was terrifically tweedy and fantastically luxe.


But what exactly are moms’ supposed to wear to go pick raspberries?


We deal with runny noses, messy love filled hugs and toppled ice cream cone sticky kisses.  Donatella and Karl don’t really design for these.


reversecommuter adores high end fashion, and loves translating it into everyday speak.  Fashion is fun, not intimidating.  Fall Couture’s message thus far is a softer color palate and a more classic take on clothes.  But it is summer now, so brighten up your outfits with some color and a smile!  Slap on a pair of silk shorts and a tank top, grab a cute pair of sandals and a floppy hat and work that runway of life like nobody’s business!

Cut It Out!

Designers are slicing and dicing…


and the results are sexy, summery and spectacular!


Alexander Wang sliced up the back of his stretch crepe mini dress in perfect summer sky blue.


Stella McCartney got her hands on a pair of scissors and snipped up a cotton ribbed-knit dress in a champagne yellow that begs for a heatwave, but is so simplistically perfect reverscommuter would wear it now!


Donna Karan New York’s cutout jersey top smacks of eighties’ roller skates and disco, updated perfectly for today.


Jonathan Simkhai’s Spring 2015 Collection shatters the definition of cool with pieces that combine skillfully designed clothes with clever textures perforated, cutout and resembling shards of shattered glass.


Everyone in celebrityland is wearing his and it is no wonder why!


Best Shorts!

Fashion needs to meet life at least in the middle – J Crew TOTALLY understands that.


Children drop approximately 6 KAZILLION things daily – which means mamas need to be able to bend down and pick up those 6 KAZILLION items, ideally without flashing the world!  But that doesn’t mean giving up fashion, style and great designs.


Price is user friendly too!  Click here to see all of the J Crew shorts currently available.

pic1 and Mr. Porter started carrying J Crew a few years ago, and reversecommuter was confused!  So I contacted the company to see exactly why the GREAT & ALL FASHIONABLE Natalie Massenet would want to bring in the catalogue company’s clothing.  The answer was simple – great design at a great price.  TRUE!

Fancy Pants = Inexpensive Shorts

Silk t-shirt, lace shorts, wedges.

Done & done.

Thanks to Club Monaco the price is kind & gentle – all the more reason to celebrate with a little ice cream!


Brilliant Basics

J Crew shorts are making my summer very easy.


The length, the pleats, the variety of prints, solids and patterns & now the crazy good price too!  Click here to get your shorts on!


Max Mara makes this top, and every couple of years I replace them.  Light enough for the warmer months, and one of my fave layering pieces in the winter.  Click here to get some.



Boston Marathon 2013 – what to wear?!?

The Boston Marathon is 6 days away!  Running 26.2 miles, all the while raising money for cancer research.  Here is the freshly painted finish line (thanks EPG!).


This is another compilation of potential running outfits.  reversecommuter decided to borrow from the style of a great blog out of Italy,  Fiammisday (click the blue to be enchanted!).  Fiammisday styles & stages children’s outfits on a daily basis.   Grazie Bella for the inspiration!


reversecommuter is watching the weather forecasts closely…guess I won’t know what to wear until April 15th (but it is ALWAYS good to have outfit choices, even when running a marathon!).




FWNY uh, translation?

FWNY (Fashion Week New York), fantastic, wondrous, inspiring, wardrobe changing!

But perhaps not to all.  Some may need a fashion translation, a user friendly summary.

No problemo!

1.  Stripes

Absolutely no other designer came close to making the stripe statement stronger than Marc Jacobs.  PHENOMENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (that is a lot of exclamation marks and it is not by accidental button pushing).

2. Bold, bright colors (borderline neon)

Diane von Furstenberg brought the rainbow – on speed!  The brightest of bright colors and patterns, she is after all the master!

3. Black and White

Alexander Wang (OH HOW I LOVE THE ALEXANDER!!!!!!!!!) gave us black-and-white-and-amazing sandals all over for his Spring 2013 Collection.  SIGN ME UP!!!!!

4. Shorts

Carolina Herrera sent these lovelies down the runway causing gasps and drools on an international level!

5. Breathlessly Perfectly Tailored Clothing

You may know her as Posh Spice but reversecommuter knows her as the designer delivering the sleekest, classiest, sexiest clothing of the season, (and her husband is SO beyond mere words….)

There you have it – NYFW condensed into reversecommuter-speak!

Un COUP de Couer

(that means falling instantly in love!) and that is what has happened to reversecommuter…

with the brand new issue of COUP, a magazine launched by Alexandra Hall – an editor with an illustrious pedigree including Daily Candy, Boston Magazine and Fashion Boston.

(reversecommuter has had the pleasure of dealing with Alex Hall in the professional fashion world and can attest to phenom talent!)

COUP is an online lifestyle company that offers an online magazine (can you hear the trees cheering?) that is planning on building an interactive publishing platform that will include a video channel, and online shopping (can you hear reversecommuter cheering?).

The Fall 2012 Issue launches TODAY!!!!  Click here to enjoy it, hot off the press!  This issue promises to deliver Fall fashion, food, design, gossip and travel in a hot and hip style not seen in the Boston scene ‘eva’!

COUP’s Fall Fashion issue comes off a little cheesy, in a GOOD WAY!  There is a delicious spread (sorry, I had to introduce one double entendre!!) on cheese, a Vermont cheese festival and some suggested buys from a fromagerier of wondrous reputation.  YUMMM!

The Fall Fashion spread is beyond!!!!!  Deep, dark, sexy pictures exhibiting the feminine designs and detail that make Fall 2012 dangerously exciting!  Leather, lace, sequins, shorts, heavy dramatic smokey eyes, high demand booties and platforms that elongate the legs (uh, yes pahleeze!!).

The Short and Long of It

I want to jump into the long sleeves, the leather, the wine colored everything, the knits…20120828-085432.jpg

But it is still very hot here (not that that is a bad thing!).

Shorts are a big focus for early fall, paired with blazers, long sleeve blouses, sleeveless sweaters, boots and even tights taking the look further into the cold weather.


Clearly the only thing reverse commuter is pairing shorts with right now is a tank top & flops. But it is strangely comforting to know that they are sticking around for awhile!


Shorts by Chaiken, tank from ScoopNYC and wedges from Prada Sport.