Slitted Skirts Naughty & Nice

The countdown continues with Day 6 of Christmas Party Looks (or Holiday Party Looks, whichever floats your seasonal boat).

A fashion blogger formerly in the financial sector who lost count of the 12 Days of Christmas?  Yup.  As today is December 17th, there will be 2 postings daily from now until December 24th in order to deliver a complete set of 12 Holiday Looks.

Now back to slits!  Alice and Olivia’s dusty pink slitted long fitted skirt is divine, and would make a perfect accompaniment to a chilled glass of pink champs!


Oh my, isn’t a subtle slit a wondrous thing in a girl’s wardrobe?  Combine that with an exquisite piece of Balmain’s butter soft, chestnut leather and va-va-va-VOOM!


Mini skirts aren’t the only power wielding flouncy in the closet!  A maxi long flowy skirt with an unexpected flash of leggy flesh is palpitatingly delightful!


Etro’s luxurious scarf skirt and Malene Berger’s navy blue number both deliver that leg appeal.


The classic black pencil skirt with a big badass slit is precisely what Jonathan Simkhai had in mind with his modern day interpretation.  A cropped top adds a fun way to celebrate those hard earned abs!



90 models, 90 different looks.  Chanel Spring 2014.


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King Karl is clearly VERY comfortable with his crown and will hold on to it for yet another season!


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And about the slit in the tweed skirt – reversecommuter is SO very very happy that Boston has a new 10,000 square foot ChaCha store opening up soon!  Click here to read all about it (courtesy of the Boston Herald).


Spring 2014 Chanel is all about tweed, slits, cherry hot pink, spats and lace.  The Grand Palais was turned into a massive art gallery with 89 female models…


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and one spectacular male model aka Marlon Teixeira.

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Karl Lagerfel has nothing but taste!


For more on the show watch a little bit while becoming OBSESSED with Janelle Monae’s new track Q.U.E.E.N (featuring Erykah Badu – remember her?).  Click the blue!