Trail Blazers!

Smythe jackets make me drool.  Not a particularly pretty look for me, but I cannot help it – Smythe makes jackets that are that fabulous!

Smythe is the product of two working moms (yet another reason to love their designs) based in Toronto, and their blazers are huge with anyone (Hollywood and elsewhere) who love clean lines, versatility and an a-bun-dance of style!

To celebrate the Canadian Winter Olympics in 2010, Smythe designed this little hooded piece of deliciousness, made out of the iconic Hudson’s Bay Trapper Blanket (I still want one!!!!!)

TNT has collaborated with Smythe for an exclusive micro collection.  The navy blue linen with the gold buttons was my fave…


Blooms and Booties!

There is a row of amazing flower shops on Avenue Road in Toronto, and whenever I am there I have to take a bunch of pictures and buy a ton of flowers!

As I bid adieu to Canada, I had to squeeze in another fab boutique find!  Yorkville – the chichi-est of chichi shopping areas in Toronto, has a fantabulous boutique called TNT.  The selection of top designers is impressive (Acne, Philip Lim, James Perse, Smythe, Theyskens Theory, etc) but it was the shoe department that really wowed me with their unique selection…and let’s face it, I am not easily impressed by shoes…easily OBSESSED but not easily IMPRESSED!  🙂

Those studded Chloe booties are divine, and truth be told I have been coveting them from afar for a little while now.  The two lines I had not met before and am now COMPLETELY in love with are Golden Goose Boots (from Venezia & sold in the US through Barneys) and Marsell Shoes (from Italy as well & sold in the US via The Corner).

Chunky, clunky delish booties and open toe shoes in crazy soft Italian leather and ankle biter-height cowboy boots are my absolute obsession…how happy was I in TNT?!

The last picture is a simple homage to the Isabel Marant Jenny boot … just because it is too cool for school!!!