Ding Dong Bell Bottoms

Bell Bottom denim is THE investment for Fall 2015.

Add a little secret height with a great pair of boots or clogs if you think Bell Bottoms are only for the tall types.  Isabel Marant Etoile Crisi boots even hide the heel for you shy ones ūüôā


Stella McCartney naturally has THE best bells around.  Must be the Beatle association that helped her create the most flattering 70’s cut available!


Level 99 has long been a brand reversecommuter has loved – I even tried to convince them to design a maternity jean for my boutique in another life!  Anywho‚ĶLevel 99’s Evelyn Gaucho is beyond adorable and could be the funnest piece of fall denim available! Picture them with adidas Stan’s or strappy sandals or ankle boots and a simple t-shirt.


MOTHER Denim’s high waisted cruiser is in a wash MOTHER calls ‘bushwhacked’ and that is just what you will be if you don’t invest in a pair of these!

Wondering what to do with your distressed jeans…


Dog Days of Summer Top 5 Hair Styles!

ARGH!  Beach Head!


Time to embrace that salt lick as a Sunny Summer Season Trophy!


Grab a chopstick – adorned or free with the delivery food – twist your hair and stab that sucker right in!


Hair clip a la J Crew? ¬†Don’t mind if I do!


Perfect twisted bun holder for a bike ride or anything else a fantastically fun summer day requires.


Nothing better than a ponytail whipping around in the wind of an open car window!


Hairbands.  Put on and go.  End of story.


seriously – end of story.


Balloons & Blazers

Blazers are the magic elixir, similar to the way balloons make every single situation happier!


Jeans, tank top, flip flops and a blazer – BOOM POP POW instant outfit.


Denim cut-offs, white silk shirt, white blazer and patent ankle boots – TaFreakin’Da Date Night WOWZER!!


Patterned blazer, white linen wide leg pants, navy t-shirt and strappy stilettos – Superman keep your cape, this jacket does it all!


Next time you think the dreaded phrase “I have nothing to wear” reach for the magic elixir!

Fashion & Finance Friday!

Sunshine, Derby Juleps and the Weekend!  Trifecta!


Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) has been printing fashion news daily since 1905. ¬†Until April 24, 2015 that is. ¬†WWD has now morphed into a weekly publication that launched Wednesday April 29th. ¬†To celebrate this HUGE publication, WWD Weekly dropped SIX different covers with some extremely fascinating fashion stars!


THE MOST beautiful picture of Alexander Wang gracing one cover,


The Olsen Twins (aka The Row) on another cover,


Proenza Schouler gorgeousness on another cover,


Scottish designer Christopher Kane,


Sacai’s Chitose Abe and


J.W. Anderson (with possibly THE best profile picture ever).

WWD March 12, 2015

#WWDWeekly has caused quite the murmur amongst those in the fashion world who start each day with an expresso and a read of the daily.  Fret not Fashion Pets, there is a new digital daily edition that will be emailed to existing subscribers, and now there is yet another reason to celebrate Hump Day as that is when the weekly will come out!


Lucky Magazine¬†(*full disclosure –¬†reversecommuter is a contributor) has announced that their social media maven of an editor, Eva Chen, has announced she will be leaving the magazine. ¬†There is also an unconfirmed rumor that the magazine will be going completely digital!


As a result of the editor and possibly editorial changes at Lucky Magazine, the upcoming May 7th Lucky FABB bloggers conference is postponed – bummer as reversecommuter had just booked a equally FAB hotel room at the W and was planning outfits…


File under Fun Fact:  Did you know that John Paul DeJoria (handsome dark haired owner of Paul Mitchell hair products) is also the owner of Patron Tequila?  His annual income of 2.8 BILLION is a testimony to an awe inspiring drive Рhe started Paul Mitchell with a $700 loan.


reversecommuter not only loves the smell of Paul Mitchell’s awapuhi shampoo (seriously, give it a whiff) but I am officially obsessed with the work ethic of this man – I have a new hero!


Enjoy the weekend – slip those perfectly pedicured piggies into something open toed and raise your silver julep cup to all the drop-dead hats and outfits at the Kentucky Derby!

Bohemian 2 Go!

Boho is everywhere in fashion – it is like a VW beetle that just won’t rust quietly away at the junkyard.


Tassles, suede, embroidery, add a little bit of frayed denim and a groovy easy vibe.  Pick the designer and one spectacularly deceiving WOW piece to update your wardrobe.  Boots, Tunic, Suede jacket, distressed denim and a trippy scarf to wrap around your head Рthe list goes on and on, just like the beat!

The budget can be yours to set.  Invest and update now and enjoy it into Fall 2015.  NYFW is delivering a Bevy of Boho across the runways as we speak (or blog, or read the blog, etc…).


Gucci’s brilliantly colored fringe collection is drool worthy in any shade!

Just this morning Ralph Lauren offered fringe on the bottom of skirts, boots, fur scarves, purses…


Calypso St. Barth’s tunic is an easy starting piece. ¬†Great over skinny jeans, add a scarf and date night is redefined.



Etro owns the hippy dippy kaleidoscope of fashion happiness and if you click here you could too!


Now the only question remaining is how do I transport that amazingly brilliant azul, partially convertible bug back to the ‘burbs?!?

WildFox Foxy

reversecommuter has a thing for WILDFOX, and no, I have not suddenly embraced furry suburban critters.


This Los Angeles based, Malibu-centric clothing line is the perfect definition of sexy beachy comfy.  Collections such as Barbie Dream House, Astrology, Gypsy and Sense & Eccentricity are making my UPS delivery dude (aka Brown Santa) fit and trim during the winter months.


Even in the depths of winter a little WILDFOX¬†is so cute it can transport you to a sunny spot! ¬†My current fave reads “the beach is my happy spot”.




WILDFOX¬†also¬†has a children’s line too immediately upping¬†the cuteness factor.


I even found an impressive selection of WILDFOX when visiting Dubai in April 2014, reversecommuter was directed to a fabulous boutique,  boutique1, by an equally fabulous blogging friend of mine, Mitzie Mee.


Yes, the driveway needs to be shoveled, AGAIN, but at least now you can throw on a piece from WILDFOX and pretend the snow is sand!

Summer Do!

reversecommuter is a commit-a-phobe.


I would love to have the guts to change up my hair every season, but I don’t.

do3¬†Annually in May & June I toy HARD with the idea of cutting my hair drastically – usually a la Bardot (click here to review last year’s BIg Change‚ĶNOT!). ¬†Is Bridget Bardot ridiculously perfect in this shot or what?!


Think I might have struck gold this year with my¬†2014 Summer Do and it is short‚Ķand pinned up. ¬†Queue the chicken noise…


Twitter allows GIFs as of 06/18/2014 so here is reversecommuter’s¬†vlog-a-bration! ¬†Whoop Whoop!



Instagram, Jason Wu and Attitude

I know I know, it’s is supposed to be Fashion & Finance Friday on reversecommuter.com

But stop the presses (or whatever the social media equivalent may be) because last night I met Jason Wu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


reversecommuter: “the daily focus of my blog is to get one woman out of yoga pants and into clothes like yours”

Jason Wu (!!!): “that is a really cool purpose for a fashion blog”

YES HE DID SAY THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DSC_0111 DSC_0115

Louis Boston (quite possibly the best store other than Bergdorf’s) hosted Jason Wu for a q&a @ The ICA (click here for ICA 411) and then a private champs mingle at Louis Boston, (click the blue for reversecommuter’s love for all things Louis)

DSC_0125 DSC_0126

SO many fabulous quotes…..

“Drawing is how I speak … I carry around a pile of moleskins with me.”

“A Jason Wu woman is a super glam glamazon & super feminine.”


“A Jason Wu woman is a little bitchy – doesn’t want to talk to anyone, even me” – Jason was telling a story of the first time he saw someone on the streets of NYC wearing his clothing. ¬†He thought to himself, “that is look #9” and he stopped this cute Asian woman and said “you look so beautiful” and she was weirded out and said a snotty “thanks” and kept walking.


“I have always been a fashion nerd.”

“Social media is sort of fun, it allows people to see how the magic of fashion comes to fruition” ¬†/ ¬†Instagram is a photographic journey and Block User is the best button.”


SO OBSESSED with this coat from Jason Wu’s Fall 2013 Collection…OBSESSED!

Jason Wu loves cooking and eating food, and would love to open a restaurant one day. ¬†He said that “the waitresses would be total bi*ches and the food would be VERY delicious.”


Jason Wu Fall 2013 Collection is all about leather, purple, epaulets, green and winter whites.

“The fantasy aspect in fashion – you have to have it or else fashion is boring.”


Jason Wu is quite possibly the poster boy for posssessing modesty while on a meteoric rise!  Wonderful gentleman with modesty, crazy good sense of humor,a perfect amount of humbleness and an appropriate appreciation for self worth Рbrilliant blend!


The champs & mingle at Louis Boston was so intimate and lovely! Louis Boston and the visionary of all things fashion, Debi Greenberg, really and truly aligned the stars last night.

Jason was approachable and charming. ¬†He was so inspirational in his talk and clearly loves life. ¬†“Luck is nothing if you don’t go for it.” ¬†Word Jason Wu, word.

Happy Weekend!

xo reversecommuter