Those Pants!

Another ridiculously fun day of taping South Shore Style TV…


which allowed for the perfect excuse to break out the Jonathan Simkhai pants (click here to read all about reversecommuter’s love for all things designed by Jonathan Simkhai).  This designer has been garnering SO much well deserved attention, it is so exciting to see genius talent recognized!


Whenever you find yourself humming & hawing over an investment in designer clothing, ALWAYS go with your gut – if it is a tremendous piece, you will have it in your wardrobe for a very long time and every single time you wear it the happiness will be immeasurable!

True Dat!

Black Striped Pants and Sex Wax

Actually the pants are coated, but not necessarily with surfboard sex wax (although that would be SO RAD!).  7 for all Mankind jeans, DVF top, Prada blazer.


That is me concentrating – so serious.


Taped another segment yesterday for South Shore Style TV – so much fun!!!!!!

Went to Nor’Easter in Scituate – an amazing surf store!   Did you know you can surf in New England all year round?!?!?


Discovered an uber cool sun protection line, SUN BUM, and the up & coming exercise craze too… paddle boarding + yoga…OBVIOUSLY SO MUCH MORE ON THAT LATER!!!!!!!!!!


The best part of Sun Bum is that it smells so good you want to eat it!  And the bottles are color coded based on the shade you want to tan – CLEVER!  “Trust the Bum”  LOVE!


reversecommuter wants one of these for the dashboard of her car – if anyone has a lead, please let me know!


Zig & Zag!

Casual suiting is a MAJOR-ETTE Spring trend.


It is almost like getting two outfits in one – buy a suit, wear a suit, then break it up and mix and match tanks & t-shirts with the pants or jeans / shorts with the blazer when you want a different look.

549890_549497855082254_723149074_n 2

Patterns, designs, florals, art splotches – the busier the better!   LOVE this Cavalli ad – Triple K rocks the look!


Buh-bye Banker Stripes.

It’s a Wrap!

reversecommuter has a new gig….DSC_0111

yup, now the host of South Shore Style TV.  WOAH!


First episode was filmed yesterday – it was a really really looooooooong FUN day!


Started with hair and make up.   Really now,  what is better than a trim and blow out?


Filming until May, airing June thru August.  Kinda cool & I am very grateful for the opportunity!

DVF top, MOTHER jeans, Balenciaga booties.