Hey Sailor

Navy and white stripes.  Simple. Classic.  Clean.  Always in style.

There is a reason the French line Saint James is constantly being “discovered”, even though the fisherman sweater was first created in the 19th century.  The line is currently being touted at J Crew, as well as their own online shop.

This is a great look year round, not just summer.  Add a jean jacket on top of this dress and it can work up until the leaves change and fall off the trees.  

By far my favorite bag right now is my tiny little Chloe mini Marcie bag.  Cross shoulder, holds my phone (barely), keys, a couple of credit cards and my Kiehl’s tub of lip balm.  The best part of free hands is allowing more hand holding!


Summer dresses are a strange length this year. Resembling more of a short coverup or a long t-shirt.  

At first I thought it was just me, but it is an actual thing.  Goop’s  got about half a dozen for sale in their summer shop.  

J Crew’s offering a bunch of short dresses too.  See, it’s a veritable “thing”.

Super short is not a great look for little girls and it most certainly isn’t ideal for their mamas.  

Consider how many times you bend down in a typical day!

Simple solution, a great pair of shorts.  They don’t even have to be seen.  Keep them guessing!

Angelina & Penguin Suit Panache!

Day 3 of reversecommuter’s 12 days of Outfits for Christmas Parties / Holiday Parties (whichever floats your seasonal boat), is all about the tux.

Girls this suit suits us perfectly for the holidaze!  Sometimes borrowing from the boys delivers an unexpected sex appeal!


Let’s start with the satin-striped maestro, Saint Laurent.


With a tank or t-shirt underneath, tuxedo blazer and a pair of jeans for a casual affair…and thanks to J Crew the price is casual too!


Or with a sexy camisole underneath for a romantic dinner for two…


Or with a sheer blouse or a satin blouse a la Angelina Jolie for the company do.



An investment in a tuxedo of any color, navy, black or white, pays for itself over and over and over again – there are so many ways to wear it throughout the year!

Brave Heroes & Triceps

First thing is first.  Condolences to the families of the two lost Boston firefighters.  Heroic Bravery.



Time to get pumping – sleeveless is all over the place for Spring 2014.


J Brand courtesy Style.com

You do not want to be the girl that keeps on waving – aka saggy triceps.

J Brand Spring 2014 courtesy Style.com

J Brand Spring 2014
courtesy Style.com

J Brand is showing some gorgeousness for Spring 2014 not only rocking the sleeveless but THE HOTTEST HOT PINK leather capris…and yes reversecommuter is ❤️ing them!  Click here to buy at net-a-porter.com.

J Brand Spring 2014 courtesy Style.com

J Brand Spring 2014
courtesy Style.com

J Brand has evolved into a serious designer label, not just a jeans brand anymore. The price point is fair, the styles are a fun, updated classic vibe.

J Brand Spring 2014 courtesy Style.com

J Brand Spring 2014
courtesy Style.com

So drop down and give me 20 push-ups, then 30 tricep dips followed by some serious retail therapy!  Click here for the J Brand website.

J Brand Spring 2014 courtesy Style.com

J Brand Spring 2014
courtesy Style.com

Horizontal? Vertical?

What is it about the beach that brings out the stripes?


Is it the obvious nautical association?


Is it the flattering aspect of stripes that designers recognize?

Missoni Stripes

Missoni Stripes

Is it the instant element of fun, while getting a little sun protection?

Mara Hoffman Coverup

Is it the glamour?

Melissa Obadash coverup

Melissa Obadash coverup

Whatever the reason, it definitely works!

Click here to go to net-a-porter.com for a little striped retail therapy!

reversecommuter’s striped coverup is by JOSA Tulum (more on that little beach boutique of awesomeness next week!).







September Stripes

Nautical stripes make me think of summer.

So what better way to deny its over than to extend the stripes into September? Maybe a Saint James long sleever or just add a jean jacket on top of the maxi dress if going out in the evening…ideally for a date night without the mini me in stripes!

Apologies for missing a day, I am traveling and don’t have access to the Internet – it’s crazy!!! Promise to post as possible!



Black Striped Pants and Sex Wax

Actually the pants are coated, but not necessarily with surfboard sex wax (although that would be SO RAD!).  7 for all Mankind jeans, DVF top, Prada blazer.


That is me concentrating – so serious.


Taped another segment yesterday for South Shore Style TV – so much fun!!!!!!

Went to Nor’Easter in Scituate – an amazing surf store!   Did you know you can surf in New England all year round?!?!?


Discovered an uber cool sun protection line, SUN BUM, and the up & coming exercise craze too… paddle boarding + yoga…OBVIOUSLY SO MUCH MORE ON THAT LATER!!!!!!!!!!


The best part of Sun Bum is that it smells so good you want to eat it!  And the bottles are color coded based on the shade you want to tan – CLEVER!  “Trust the Bum”  LOVE!


reversecommuter wants one of these for the dashboard of her car – if anyone has a lead, please let me know!


The Boys, Shoes, Military Stripes

LOL!  As if reversecommuter is that political an animal!

Nope, just a title that reflects my absolute adoration for Dan & Dean Caten aka D’Squared (SWOOOOOOON!) and their brown boots that I covet in my wardrobe…

click the blue to visit fabulousness in the form of the D’Squared website!

Military stripe pants  – such a fun little variation in the details to subtly mix it up…

And well, that’s it – not too deep but considering the politically charged week the USA has just had, maybe that is fine!

pants Zara, boots D’Squared, sweater Dolce & Gabbana.

FWNY uh, translation?

FWNY (Fashion Week New York), fantastic, wondrous, inspiring, wardrobe changing!

But perhaps not to all.  Some may need a fashion translation, a user friendly summary.

No problemo!

1.  Stripes

Absolutely no other designer came close to making the stripe statement stronger than Marc Jacobs.  PHENOMENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (that is a lot of exclamation marks and it is not by accidental button pushing).

2. Bold, bright colors (borderline neon)

Diane von Furstenberg brought the rainbow – on speed!  The brightest of bright colors and patterns, she is after all the master!

3. Black and White

Alexander Wang (OH HOW I LOVE THE ALEXANDER!!!!!!!!!) gave us black-and-white-and-amazing sandals all over for his Spring 2013 Collection.  SIGN ME UP!!!!!

4. Shorts

Carolina Herrera sent these lovelies down the runway causing gasps and drools on an international level!

5. Breathlessly Perfectly Tailored Clothing

You may know her as Posh Spice but reversecommuter knows her as the designer delivering the sleekest, classiest, sexiest clothing of the season, (and her husband is SO beyond mere words….)

There you have it – NYFW condensed into reversecommuter-speak!