Chunky Knit Not Monkey

Chunky knits and winter coats don’t really mix well, unless you like feeling like the michelin man.


reversecommuter has never fully embraced the Chunky knits because of the bulk issues under a coat, icky-uncomfy!


Why not take the layering to the inside?


Natural fabrics such as silk and cotton work best against the body to trap body heat.  Grab a long sleeve t-shirt or even silk long underwear on super chilly days.


Next bring on the Chunkers!  Slap on a scarf and a pair of gloves and KABOOM!  Instant winter glam without the Chunky Monkey feeling.


Here are a couple of gorgeous chunkers I found on net-a-porter (and they are on sale now too!  What Santa wouldn’t appreciate a little break on the wallet?)  Click here to peruse & purchase!

383098_in_sl 381467_in_sl 364240_in_sl 385489_in_sl

Searching for a sweater

What does your fall color palate look like? I’m leaning towards the navy/grey and the purples.

Next step is to find a great staple piece – the perfect crew neck cashmere sweater.

J. Crew has great cashcash- rumor has it they use the same cashmere yarn as Loro Piana – but very tiny cuts.

Philip Lim (on net-a-porter offers this gorgeous creature, but not the right color sequence for my Fall wardrobe…

Guess I’ll just keep looking…..



I have a clothing crush on Rag & Bone.

This dress is from Spring 2012 and it is a fab go to piece!


Starting out primarily as a jeans designer, the team of Marcus Wainright and David Neville have grown their line into a top tiered ready to wear line.


Fall Collection 2013 is all about glen check, houndstooth, shearling, leather, the MOST delish sweaters and some vibrant fresh colors thrown in for good measure.


And those boots…those fantastically versatile Newbury boots.  YUMMM!  Click here to get yourself a pair.


I’m breaking out…

With designer clothing joy and retail happiness!!!!!!

ACNE Design Studios has opened it’s very first US based boutique, in NYC!!!!!!  10 Greene Street to be exact – and I will be there next week!  SHRIEK!!!!!!!!!!

I have mentioned (a lot) how obsessed I am with ACNE designs.  Their oversized leather jacket is on my absolute WANTNEED list.  I adore their dresses, their t-shirts are beyond soft (and keep their shape after being washed – imagine that!) and I am SUPER DUPER excited to try and buy their jeans (I was a little apprehensive to buy jeans over the internet, as jeans can be SO particular).

I have purchased a few pieces from the mens line for my spoilt husband (he deserves it but don’t tell him), and ACNE delivers for the boys too – amazing jeans (husband’s usually need a little gently help with denim selections…), awesome structured sweaters and the t-shirts again, fab!

Acne Wishlist

Needless to say, I am booking my flight to NYC…more on that later!

Finance & Fashion Friday – on Saturday!

OOOOPS!  These long weekends can really confuse a girl!  I totally overlooked that yesterday was Friday, which is normally Finance & Fashion Fridays on reverse   So, let’s pretend it doesn’t matter just for today!

Glenn Murphy, CEO of Gap Inc. clocked in a modest $9.7 million compensation in 2011, a 63.3% jump from 2010 – that is what I call a STELLAR YEAR OF JEANS & T-SHIRT SALES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO J. Crew GO….the photography and bookings director of Harper’s Bazaar (love that mag) just jumped ship over to J. Crew as V.P. of Brand Design.  The building momentum of J. Crew makes me think this company is preparing to launch big things.  Bigger than their current coo of manufacturing their cashmere sweaters at the same plant as Loro Piana in Italy – which, by the by, is HUGE considering the cost of a J.Crew cashmere sweater is a fraction of a fraction of the cost of Loro cash-cash, (and let’s face it – it all comes from the same type of goat!!).



Tommy Hilfiger is inspiring!!!!!!  He started his business in High School, chipping in $150 with a friend of his to buy 20 pairs of bell-bottom jeans and selling them to schoolmates.  Last year Tommy Hilfiger Inc. had $5.6 BILLION in sales, world wide.  Obviously his line has expanded.  🙂

I love this quote of Tommy’s, in fact I have it on my desk –

“… fashion is fleeting and style is forever”