Reality vs Fantasy

Or in my case, COLD vs HOT, as in the weather.

It is June 5th and I am wearing a sweater, A SWEATER!!   It is grey (the weather – the sweater is pale blue) and wet and cold and awful (again, the weather, the sweater is dry and soft and warm).  And sometimes it reminds me of Flashdance (the sweater, the weather doesn’t really remind me of anything).

Instead of harping on the weather (too late perhaps?), let’s take a look at some beach appropriate options!

warm weather wants

ISSA London print dress
£415 –

Talbots beach tunic
$98 –

Diane von Furstenberg red tunic
$385 –

H M chiffon top
£20 –

J Crew beach swimwear
$52 –

Emilio pucci
$495 –

Winter kate
$363 –

Tara Matthews bandeau swimwear
$425 –

Marc by Marc Jacobs string swimwear
$240 –

Hermes scarve
$320 –

Fashion & Finance Friday!

HURRAH!!!!!!!! It’s Friday!

China’s online shoppers are expected to have more than 700 MILLION online shoppers and ring in more than $360 BILLION by 2015….WOWZER!!!!!!

Boston Consulting Group has released a report calling China the “Online Empire”, which makes perfect sense when you hit numbers like that!


Talbots announced it lost $53.3 MILLION in their fourth quarter, bringing it up to a $111.9 MILLION loss for the entire year. Perhaps Talbots needs to buff up their online presence in China…..just saying.


CR, Carine Roitfeld’s new magazine, premiere issue is slated for September! I absolutely love her and have missed her influence in French Vogue. Obviously it will deliver crazy fashion editorials but will also emphasize creativity in other forms such as writing, photography etc. V Cool concept. Only negative is that it is only a biannual mag.