Fashion & Finance Friday

Greetings fabulous Friday!  Love it when you get here so quickly!

Louis Boston, only bastion of fashion in the city of Boston, just announced that after 85 years and three generations of Greenberg leadership, will close it’s doors July 2015.

reversecommuter is heart broken.

Debi Greenberg has an incredible eye for talent within the fashion world.  Boston was beyond lucky to have her store situated here, as were the customers – and yes, no huge surprise she is a bit of a fashion industry icon for reversecommuter!


She single handedly broke the city’s reputation as being somewhat fashion challenged.  Whatever will up and coming talents do when hoping to find a buyer with a trained eye and natural instinct for incredible fashion?


Just ask Jason Wu, Proenza Schouler and Jonathan Simkhai what Debi and Louis Boston did for their careers when first launching their lines.


Today is a really bleak day for Boston fashion.

What do Palm Beach and Minnesota have in common in April?  Certainly not weather.  Answer: Lily Pulitzer is partnering up with Target for a 250 piece collection of clothing and housewares, dropping April 19.


Would the grand lady of pink & green palm tree shifts be excited about this?  reverse commuter thinks not.

10 years and counting – adidas by Stella McCartney Spring 2015 will be a big gorgeous birthday of loveliness (yes, I am excited!).


Look at what this brilliant British rock royalty designer does to workout wear!


Start saving those pennies because the better the outfit the harder you workout – that is my purchasing excuse and please don’t try to put holes in it!  Click here on January 15th to get the new collection!

Get outside, ignore the weather and enjoy the weekend!  Winter boots, skinny jeans, thick turtleneck sweater and a camel coat – walk into your favorite brunch spot, order a flute of pink champagne and pretend it is summer!

xo reversecommuter

Fashion & Finance Friday!

It’s a LOOOOOOONG Weekend!!!!  WHOOOP WHOOOP!!!!!!!!!!

Ever wondered by Monaco’s Charlotte Gasiraghi has been the subject of Gucci’s equestrian ad campaign?  Yes she is an accomplished rider but it actually goes a little deeper.  Gucci loved Grace Kelly (Charlotte’s grandmother), the Italian design house created the Flora scarf for her.  The Gucci Museo in Florence offers a fascinating review of the fashion house’s archives, and the Flora scarf is one collection not to miss.


reversecommuter has visited the Gucci Museo in Florence a few times – a friend of mine suggested it was a return to the Mother Ship – loved that!

Target has to find some new hoops to jump through.  Wall Street spanked the discount bulk retailer and sent their shares down 2% after Target released it’s first quarter numbers.  Analysts want Target to get back to what Target did best – bringing in customers.  Wall Street does not believe in the designer collaborations, and reversecommuter is whole heartedly in agreement!  Fast Fashion is never the answer.  Focus on inexpensive paper towels and cleaning supplies and leave fashion to the experts please!


Proenza Schouler had a Target collection when they were starting out and wanted to maximize on the marketing exposure Target would offer.  When Jack & Lazaro visited Boston in 2013, they were the first to recognize they would probably not do something like that again and were not particularly proud of the product.

Enjoy the loooooong weekend – that means put on something pretty and pop the champs!

xo reversecommuter


Peter Pilotto has arrived at Target!   Naturally a curious creature like reversecommuter would have to hit Target at 7:30am on a Sunday morning.  Rumor has it that the collection arrived online at 3am, but the only way to purchase was to go through Twitter, as the Target link was down.

Expectations were low, based on previous capsule collections offered by high end designers and Target.  But the hype on this was beyond ignoring!


Even Natalie Massenet was excited about this one.  For the first time ever, is selling the combined collection from Target – will wonders never cease?!?!?! Click here to see for yourself!


The price point was 19.99 thru 79.99, and the quality was so-so, but the prints were Oh So Pretty!    Click here to go get some – quickly as it is selling out!


Maybe it was the launch date of February 9th that can be blamed for the success of this line, all of us suffering from winter blahs, then suddenly taunted by gorgeous bright florals and prints.


The O.W.O (click here for definition) for this week is my 19.99 Peter Pilotto for Target long sleeve floral t-shirt & MOTHER boyfriend jeans – perfect to wear on a sunny winter Sunday!


Fashion & Finance Friday!

Last week of January – Done & Done!  Greetings & Salutations FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here it comes….earnings season, and you know how much reversecommuter loves the numbers!

LVMH had a year of flat growth, with an profit increase of only 0.4%.  Don’t be too blue for the house that Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Celine, Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan, etc etc. built, they still managed to rock 4.7 BILLION in profits!  reversecommuter thinks that Bernard Arnault and Salma Hayek won’t need to adjust the budget too severely!!


But this splat flat is interesting in that it reflects China and European luxury markets slowing considerably.  Suddenly vintage is in (aka nobody is buying anything new!!).


Breach is Bad. First Target, then Neiman Marcus and now Yahoo!  Yahoo announced Jan 30 that some of it’s email accounts had been hacked.  Neiman Marcus is working with federal investigators to provide insight into the 1.1 MILLION credit cards that were hacked over an estimated 3 month time frame.  Target had 40 million customers’ credit and debit card info stolen during the holiday shopping season.


You know those websites that offer a grading of your password?  Maybe it’s time to start paying special attention to creativity!


Don’t forget to enter reversecommuter’s first ever give away contest!  Deadline is fast approaching – January 31 midnight est.  Click here to go to reversecommuter’s FaceBook page, simply like it et voila, you are entered!   GOOD LUCK!!!

enjoy the weekend and remember, it is absolutely acceptable to watch the Super Bowl in heels while sipping champs!!

xo reversecommuter

Fashion & Finance Friday!

Friday always feels SO good!

Remember the post about Hudson’s Bay Co. offering an IPO? (click the blue to revisit). Well, it launched on Monday up in Toronto and sold over 21.5 Million shares at $16.80. KA-CHING!!!!!!!!!!

reversecommuter wants a striped Hudson’s Bay blanket cardigan REALLY REALLY badly! Click the blue to get your own!

Neiman Marcus announced their profits are up 2.5% in Q1. That number will surely shoot up after December 1st – that is when the 50 LEGENDARY gifts created by 24 of the hottest designers launch at Target.

This is the inaugural combined collection shared between Neiman Marcus and Target. Some of the pieces are TRES ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (click the blue & see that it’s true!)

Happy Happy Weekend – it is officially the Holiday Season so drink champs & dress up!

xo reversecommuter

Fashion & Finance Friday!

Don’t you just love a short week?

Iman Cosmetics (you knew I would have to mention her again didn’t you?), started in 1994, but according to Iman (how fun a sentence is that to say?!), she formed the company after her first modeling job, for Vogue, as a result of a make-up artist asking her if she had brought her own foundation.  Iman decided right then that she was going to build a cosmetics company for women who had darker pigmentation in their skin.  2010 Iman Cosmetics earned $25 million business, and her foundation is #1 in the cosmetics industry.  Fierce fabulous woman (who incidentally refers to herself as an “old bitch” – Love it!!!).

HSN (the Home Shopping Network) asked Iman to develop a clothing line, Global Chic, and it is now one of their top brands.  Iman operates all of these endeavors under Impala Incorporated, a private company in which she is 55% shareholder and CEO.

Her next venture, Destination Iman, (click blue to read this month’s edition) is an interactive blog which will exist as a digital magazine (they are already working on January’s edition), and “every single page will be different every month”, according to Iman, who has added editor to her impressive list of job titles.

reversecommuter has  a celebrity crush – Iman is beautiful, gracious, supportive, inspirational, driven and offers guidance towards other women entrepreneurs.  

Target will launch it’s second selection of The Shops at Target on Sunday September 9th, at midnight.  Set your clocks so that you don’t miss out on PHENOMENAL products from PHENOMENAL designers.  Kirna Zabete, PatchNYC, Odin, and The Curiosity Shoppe will represent the fall installment, and the product selection is beyond ridiculous!

reversecommuter was fortunate enough to be invited to the launch party in NYC’s meat packing district on September 5th.  The crowd was beyond fashionable, the party atmosphere unmistakeable and the mock-up Stores at Target looked amazing!  The large black mesh bags (a little goodie at the door for guests) were filled up quickly, as the merchandise was begging to be bought.

It is no secret the obsessive love reversecommuter feels for Kirna Zabete (click here for other postings professing the love), and the fact that owners Sarah Easley and Beth Buccini have created a Target line of fashion nearly beyond description ($43.99 jumpsuit – what!?!!??) has only increased the twangs!

reversecommuter has SO much more to tell about this magical meeting with these two fashion commanders, but that will have to wait for another post!

Don Carney and John Ross, founders of PATCH NYC, will also be generous enough to share their gorgeous talent with Target shoppers starting September 9th.  The offerings are bananas good and the Patch NYC shop was an extremely busy spot Wednesday night.

reversecommuter has a lot more to say about PATCH NYC and the gentlemanly duo that have created this incredible boutique, but alas that will have to wait too!

Have a STUPENDOUS weekend!

XO reversecommuter

Fashion & Finance Friday!

Helllllllllo Sunny Gorgeous Weekend!

Very cool development on the internet – the first 1930 applications have been submitted to ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) for gTLDs (generic top level domains).  HUH?  In other words, uber cool fashion house Chanel has applied to have it’s new url end in .chanel as opposed to .com.  Other companies listed include L’Oreal, Coach, Nike, Gucci, Target, ZARA, Wal-Mart and Chloe.  Each application comes with a $185,000.00 fee, and so far ICANN has received $350 MILLIONl!

hmmmmm, reversecommuter.reversecommuter?  🙂

Seven For All Mankind is launching “Slim Illusion” denim mixed with soy protein which will deliver improved stretch and a better recovery process.  What this means is fewer women will be seen pulling up their belt hoops when they get out of the car!  The Slim Illusion Twill will be introduced in the Fall, will come in a rainbow of colors such as blackberry, ginger and lagoon,  and will sell for $168.00 US.  The process is from Japan, and the fabric supplier is top secret.

reversecommuter is off to NYC for the weekend and is SO EXCITED!!!!!!  (watch for more on that in later posts)

Have a fab weekend!

Friday Fashion & Finance

Happy Friday!!!!!

TUMI went public, following in the footsteps of Michael Kors who is now not only a brilliant designer but also a KA-BILLIONAIRE!!!  TUMI‘s IPO has now valued the company at $1.79 billion…that is a lot of luggage!!!  As an aside, TUMI is my handsome-professional-road-warrior-husband’s favorite luggage brand, because it is so durable, and I like it’s sleek, masculine design and style.

Thought I would infuse a little Canadian flavor in the post today, considering I am still visiting Toronto….Joe Fresh (think Canada’s light version of H&M meets Target brand clothing) just opened a big honking’ flagship in Manhattan (located on 5th Avenue in the 40s) – MAJORLY GREAT LOCATION!!!!!

As it is a Canadian based retailer, I had the opportunity to go into a store in Toronto yesterday.  They are located (peculiarly) beside LOBLAWS grocery stores, are bright orange and sell VERY inexpensive clothes (for example $29.00 CND for bright colored capri jeans), for men, women and children. JOE FRESH is planning on opening up to 800 stores in the US (that is QUITE AMBITIOUS!!!!!!).