Simkhai & The Beach!

NYFW is in full swing and reversecommuter is at the beach.  Literally.

The timing of fashion week always baffles me.   The middle of the coldest winter month, which also coencided with my children’s school break.  How is this blogger supposed to sneak away to New York during THAT week?

Happily Vogue, Tim Blanks, Instagram and the Internet are all willing to work on my behalf (lol) and keep me posted while I focus on swim, sun, surf and all things beachy!
Jonathan Simkhai presented his Fall 2016 Collection yesterday and dare I say it was one of THE best presentations!  

Jonathan has created a niche using geometric cuts and lace in his deliciously designed dresses and knits.  Fall 2016 continued this but in a more wearable way.  His dresses were less crop top more hot wives who lunch.  Wearable but with a major statement of style and strength.  

Movement was everywhere in this collection, with fringe, tassels and unfinished ends that seemingly danced down the runway.

Furs, neutrals, knits, navy (don’t think I am not ABSOLUTELY buying this complete look!!!) and suiting cut to perfection. 


Bustiers and slip dresses complemented with luxurious furs delivered fantasy level date night outfits.  His romantic sensibility met body conscious sex appeal in every piece, by adhering to the age old adage of keeping somethings left to the imagination.


O.W.O. An Ode to Raf

One Weekend Outfit (O.W.O.) this week is reversecommuter’s personal shootout to Raf Simmons and his deliriously exquisite presentation of Dior’s Spring 2015 Collection during Paris Fashion Week.


Namely the inclusion of the classic black Bermuda short.

photo 1

Go buy a pair now.  Wear them with long coats, blazers, vests, sleeveless jackets, etc.  This is an example of a classic piece that should be in your wardrobe.


Just please do yourself a fashion favor and purchase the Bermuda shorts.  Knee socks not mandatory.

photo 2

Brave Heroes & Triceps

First thing is first.  Condolences to the families of the two lost Boston firefighters.  Heroic Bravery.



Time to get pumping – sleeveless is all over the place for Spring 2014.


J Brand courtesy

You do not want to be the girl that keeps on waving – aka saggy triceps.

J Brand Spring 2014 courtesy

J Brand Spring 2014

J Brand is showing some gorgeousness for Spring 2014 not only rocking the sleeveless but THE HOTTEST HOT PINK leather capris…and yes reversecommuter is ❤️ing them!  Click here to buy at

J Brand Spring 2014 courtesy

J Brand Spring 2014

J Brand has evolved into a serious designer label, not just a jeans brand anymore. The price point is fair, the styles are a fun, updated classic vibe.

J Brand Spring 2014 courtesy

J Brand Spring 2014

So drop down and give me 20 push-ups, then 30 tricep dips followed by some serious retail therapy!  Click here for the J Brand website.

J Brand Spring 2014 courtesy

J Brand Spring 2014

Fashion & Finance Friday

Well HELLO Friday!

What is up with the cash rich Canadians?  First Hudson Bay Co. scoops up Saks Fifth Avenue for an eye-popping $2.4 BILLION, now the Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board is buying Neiman Marcus for an illuminating $6 BILLION.  That is a lot of loonies and toonies ($1 & $2 Canadian dollar coins)!


LuluLemon’s stock is falling down, (pity the suburban masses don’t take note and stop wearing it daily…).  Apparently recalling Luon pants (the label’s bread and butter item), running the company without a CEO and the over-expansion of retail shops (201 stores), is having a negative impact on projected growth.  shocker.

NYFW is done.  What a whirlwind of fabulousness and some notsofabulousness…uh, Alexander Wang are you too thinly spread to design?  Parental Advisory shirts, really?


My heart belongs to Proenza Schouler’s Spring line up.  Texture, cut, shape, ease, buttery suede, rich color palate, classic lines, absolute deliciousness for the wardrobe!  (photos courtesy of – thank you Tim Blanks!)

_ON_0025.450x675 _ON_0032.450x675 _ON_0093.450x675


Hope your weekend plans include watching the NYFW show recaps, wearing something that rocks your world and a glass of champs!

xo reversecommuter

Fashion & Finance Friday!

F-R-I-D-A-Y reversecommuter hearts you!!!!!!!!!!!!

CFDA announced it’s honorees last night and Proenza Schouler (click here to read about reversecommuter’s love affair with Proenza!) came out as a lead contender in two categories.  There was also the UBER cool media award to be presented to Tim Blanks – the KING of fashion reporting and founder of  (kind of an idol of reversecommuter!).  Click here to read the full list of nominees.


Go Joe!

Joe Fresh may have to save J.C. Penny – that’s alot of pressure on a little Canadian!

J.C. Penny is opening Joe Fresh pop ups inside 681 of the department store’s locations this morning!  J C Penny has not lived up to investors’ expectations, REALLY horrific Q4 earnings were just released and a board member was selling chunks of shares (bad!!).  No item will be over $69.00 at the Joe Fresh J C Penny pop ups…so GO JOE!  reversecommuter is a BIG Joe Fresh fan, since I discovered the brand and the interesting story behind the founder and his equally amazingly talented Pink Tartan designer wife (click the blue to read more).



Suck it up!

There is a battle brewing between Sara Blakely of SPANX (click here to read all about this AMAZING entrepreneur!) and Yummie Tummie (and RHONY) Heather Thompson over who copied who’s gut sucker upper technology.  reversecommuter doesn’t want to predict the legal outcome, but just wants to express her gratitude to said technology!



Have a fashionably spectacular weekend – complete with a glass of champs and a slinky skirt!

xo reversecommuter