Karl, Je Comprends!

Finally someone who speaks my language, and WHAT a someone it is, none other than the King of Fashion, Karl Lagerfeld!

Chanel Fall 2014 was presented today at the grocery store, aka Le Grand Palais aka in the ultiimate-fantasy-level land of reversecommuter!


Why not run to the groc shop right after the gym?

Yes, sometimes reversecommuter has a day date with my husband at the groc shop!  It’s actually kind of fun doing everyday things on a day date – reinstalling the magic with the help of the mundane!


This show encapsulates every single word, picture and post that reversecommuter has created in the past 2 years, and I am SO HAPPY that King Karl has parlayed that into Chanel’s gorgeous appropriately tweedy & chained fall collection.


Why not dress up a little, every single day?!

CHA_0287.450x675One very simple question on two items:  When can I buy the sneaker/boot hybrid and can I pretty please buy one of those groc shop baskets?!??!?!

Thank you to Natalie Massanet, Bryan Boy, Christie Binkley, Style.com and Instagram for the images & videos!


Perhaps it is my background – working in the financial sector makes a girl yearn for glencheck and houndstooth patterns, especially when considering her fall wardrobe, even though it is DEFINITELY still summer.


Black and white checks are huge this season, but the really great news is that classic patterns never go out of style.

British Vogue just profiled this outfit from Marks & Spencer…Yes, I did just use British Vogue AND Marks & Spencer in a sentence!

411niZ9sUjL._SX85_SH35_ 51k1ta050HL._SX85_SH35_ 41UoJMgPJRL._SX85_SH35_

M&S sweater and pants are each priced at a modest $54.85!  Click the blue, buy them and have them shipped across the pond!


Net-a-Porter has some fab options such as this fun TIBI sweatshirt.  FYI the word sweatshirt has been altered this season, think style piece not ripped old grey thing put on when needing comfy clothes!


Rag & Bone’s velvet houndstooth jeans are divine!  Click here to get happy!