Fashion & Finance Friday!

Why does this day seem SO much better during the summer?!

Fashion houses are gearing up to release their earnings & sales numbers, and the results are expected to reflect a down turn in the economy.  Ralph Lauren Corporation was one of the first to release, with a 5.1% increase in profit, unfortunately accompanied with an expectation of double digit decrease in the fall, which then caused the stock price to drop.

Retail gets the bad news first in economic downturns.  Hope this is short lived.

Macy’s NYC flagship store is unveiling “the world’s largest” shoe department today – the 39,000 sq ft of shoe heaven was created for a mere $400 MILLION.  World’s Biggest Shoe Shop?  Worth every penny in my humble opinion!

Vilebrequin has been bought for $ 87.6 MILLION, and the plan is to now expand the retail operation.  Now there are 185 stores, plans are to expand not only the number of stores but also what is inside them.  Apparently even women’s wear is to become part of the new Vilebrequin.

reversecommuter has a Father’s Day tradition to buy Vilebrequin for all three of my men, and the exclusiveness of the brand definitely adds to the cache.  Hope G-III Apparel Group Ltd (the new owners) keeps that in mind with all these growth plans!

Happy Happy Weekend!

XO reversecommuter

Beach Babies & their gear!

Long gone are the carefree days of carrying a cute little carry-all to the beach, like the one from Pucci in the second pic, rather it is now a workout similar to bootcamp to get everyone and everything to the beach.


The good news is that beach days are WAY more fun with little people giggling, splashing and playing, while the adults attempt to remain somewhat fashion conscious in their swimwear, sunglasses and the tunes blaring from their iPhone/Jawbone combo.