Memorial Day Denim

The first official looooooong weekend of summer is almost here!


Distressed boyfriend denim – check!  Really loving MOTHER denim’s The Loosey Party Crashers.


As if magically tuned in to our needs, MOTHER denim just announced their very first sale!  Click here!!!!!!!!!  Now all reversecommuter needs is for MOTHER denim’s Overall Dropout to go on sale #soobsessedEIEIO!


Relaxed sneaker style – check!


Shan bikini at the ready – check!  If the sun actually comes out #evertheoptimist


Goldilocks and the 3 White Jeans

ah, my ubiquitous search for the perfect white jeans…reversecommuter has been giving these near impossible perfect white jeans considerable thought.  (see how my eyes are shut – serious concentration level!)


First up was Rag & Bone as my love for their jeans is a proven, long lasting denim affair (click here for proof)

Rag & Bone Skinny whites

Rag & Bone Skinny whites

Alas Rag & Bone’s skinny white jeans offered up for Spring 2014 had too much lycra, not enough denim.

MOTHER denim  Patchie in mirror mirror

MOTHER denim
Patchie in mirror mirror

MOTHER denim white jeans are super pretty and reversecommuter LOVES MOTHER!!!!!!!!!! Seriously there are a like a kazillion postings to prove it so click here or here or here).  Unfortunately I cannot find a retailer that sells the patchie in mirror mirror (uh hello, cuter names only found on OPI bottles!!), so alas I will reserve my too-hot-too-cold-just-yummy-oatmeal-metaphor comment for these lovelies!

AG white capri rollups

AG white capri rollups

Never one known for her patience (understatement), reversecommuter bought a pair of AG stilt rollup white jeans that are just right!  As a rule of thumb reversecommuter ALWAYS buys up a size in white jeans because as unattractive as camel toe is, white jean camel toe is just that much more FUGLY!

It’s Coming…

Spring that is.


Rumor has it that the snow storms in the North East are almost done – almost.  Clearly that means it is time for a little white jean shopping!

Crops (Click the blue to buy the J Brand crops at net-a-porter)


Flares (Click the blue to buy the MIH flares at net-a-porter)


Skinnies (Click the blue to buy the Acne skinnies at net-a-porter)


All of the above?  Why not?  The season is right around the corner – don’t get caught with your white jeans down!  (tee hee)

FYI it is ABSOLUTELY okay to start wearing those fab white jeans right this very minute – mix it up!


reversecommuter did in fact mention not putting away the white jeans (hit the blue phrase to revisit the posting)

The weather is not the boss of us, and certainly the boss is not old fashioned fashion rules like not wearing white after Labor Day.

75 farenheit, 26 celcius – OHEMGEE!!!! This New England  fall season is kinda lovely all of a sudden.

Almost makes you see the world thru rose colored glasses (or magenta anyway!).

Went to secure a venue for a Christmas season party yesterday – what a great day to walk about!
FYI venue was phenom!
Special thank you to the wonderful photographer MC!! BESOS!!!!!

Blazer Prada Techno Sport, Tshirt Theory, Jeans Rag & Bone, Boots Balenciaga, Sunglasses Loewe.

Hut Hut!

Do Not Put The White Jeans Away!

Don’t tell your mom, but wearing white after Labor Day is absolutely acceptable, if not downright stylish!

Simply throw in a few Fall pieces, such as a sweater, some boots, a belt and perhaps a football.

FYI the platform option really makes a BIG difference in comfort.

Jeans Joie, Sweater James Perse, Long sleeved t-shirt, James Perse, Belt Prada, Boots Car Shoe.