The Ones that ALMOST Got Away

Salesperson at Barney’s almost didn’t sell me these…


despite my LOVE for all things YSL,  she thought they were too small for me.


Luckily reversecommuter can be VERY persuasive – especially when it comes to shoes and clothes that I really really really want – like these Rebecca Taylor pinstripe pants & MuuBaa leather t-shirt (click the blue to shop away!)


Don’t you just love a happy ending?!


You are my Sunshine…

NEON Sunshine that is!


Neon is a big trend right now and to some neon can be a little scary…how the heck do I bring that into the ‘burbs?!  Click here to read more about the neon trend, as per PopSugar’s Marisa Tom.


Bring it in with baby steps…


like reversecommuter’s from Balenciaga!


Kane J Brand Jeans, YSL pussy bow blouse, Balenciaga neon pumps, Tom Ford sunglasses, Digger courtesy of my three year old, photos by Lala!


Drastic Actions Part One

reversecommuter does not issue threats lightly…


but it was clearly stated (click the blue to see the post) that if the New England weather didn’t warm up, drastic actions would have to be taken…


Now I am wearing fur.


If you like fur (and not everyone does nor has to), but feel it makes too loud a statement, dress it down.


Jeans, sweater, flat boots, fur, done and warm.


FYI this is only Drastic Actions Part One…

Chilly Pompoms!

Still cold.  Really cold.  So naturally I decided to wear a skirt.  Box pleats, tights & a turtleneck – take that blistery cold wind!


Any colder and reversecommuter will be forced to take drastic action!


Decided that making lemonade out of lemons today meant going hat shopping!


The pompom was the winner, sadly the homage to the YSL-inspired floppy fedora didn’t make the cut.  Click the blue to read about the YSL Spring 2013 show and the floppy fedora, but warning it is a bit of a scathing review…

pompom2 pompom

Bad Behavior

Nothing to see here Mr Art Gallery Security Guard…

Took the bambinos to the ICA for a little cultural infusion, (The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston – click the blue to go to the ICA website).

Nice View!

Never miss an opportunity to be the cheese…

This marble bench, an installation at the ICA, says it all.

Miu Miu skirt, Dolce & Gabbana sweater, James Perse long sleeve t-shirt, Spanx tights, Proenza Schouler boots, YSL bag, Roots leather vest.

Biker Chic

Jacket choices are key this time of year – finding fashion and staying warm!

Such a great investment. Classic, fun and seriously unexpected!

The key to happiness is to aim for Biker Chic, as opposed to Biker Chick.

Biker jacket Barbara Bui, Mother jeans, Ralph Lauren sweater, Balenciaga boots, YSL bag.

Bright White

Winter whites is quite the trend for 2012-2013.

How fabulous is it to incorporate a bright element to our dreary winter wardrobes of black and grey, and extend the season of favorite white jeans?

And how ridunculously cute is the ChinqueCento? (Fiat 500 in Italian)   Perhaps a future reversecommutermobile?

Sunglasses Loewe, Jeans Rag & Bone, Blazer Prada, Long sleeve t-shirt T by Alexander Wang, Zara smoking slippers & YSL bag.

Market in the center of Firenze.

Smarty Pants

Cabe pants.

Found them at Louis Boston (click the blue phrase to visit Louis).

Perfect pants, half lycra half wool. Just add sweater and merry-go-round! (this one is in Sienna).

Kule pants, Dolce & Gabbana turtleneck, Zara smoking slippers, YSL bag, Tom Ford sunglasses.

Tuscan Sunglasses

Forget Indian Summer – from now on reversecommuter is requesting Tuscan November.

AKA shorts weather!

Bermuda Shorts but still, in November? Fabulouso!

Chaiken bermuda shorts, Miu Miu belt, DVF white shirt, Tom Ford Sunglasses, Zara smoking slippers, YSL bag.

Window Shopper

Louis Vuitton has THE coolest windows right now – inspired by their current collaboration with Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.

So of course reversecommuter had to play in front of one of the windows (so mature!!).

Here is a little Instagram shot of my current l’amores, my Loewe pink glasses.

Until next time……

Jacket Chanel, jeans Levi’s Hand Crafted (oil coated), Sweater Ralph Lauren, Belt Hermes, Boots Proenza Schouler, Sunglasses Loewe, Bag YSL.